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    If I told you, I would have to kill you @_@
  1. lat

    happy birthday!! XD

  2. King K rides in on his bunny
  3. gerik

    Count to 10, then SLAP!

    10 -slaps myself as I feel like it-
  4. gerik

    ¤Tug Of War¤

  5. Thank you for your report! We have flagged the user as a spammer so they can't bother anyone anymore ^_^

  6. gerik

    Count to 10, then SLAP!

    1 Hmm... Surprised to see there were no parties held during my semi-hiatus and that Tail didn't try to slap me as well.
  7. -cough- I didn't know that you weren't legal before <_<.... But now you're ;) Happy Birthday!

  8. gerik

    Count to 10, then SLAP!

    3 I'm taking finals in sub-zero tempatures here lol
  9. gerik

    The suitcase

  10. gerik

    Count to 10, then SLAP!

    7 Hmmm.... A funny thought indeed has just occurred to me...

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