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  1. Have a safe trip, Sora-chan! Hope your back will get well:)

  2. Sorry, I think I mistook the sentences! Corrected→The heart will be pressured by an accumulation of fluid between the surrounding membrane and the heart itself.

  3. Hi! I'm sorry about the slow reply. Hmm I'd say "the heart will be pressured by an accumulation of fluid within membrane surrounding itself". I hope this will be your help:)

  4. Hey hey, can you tell me what 心臓を取りまく心膜との間に液体がたまることで心臓が圧迫され means? Sorry for the bother

  5. oh hahaha okay nevermind~~ thanks anyway dear

  6. Hi Sora-chan! Aww I'm sorry, i was too slow to work on it:( baby_milo did it for us~

  7. hello sweetie, hope you're having a nice weekend~ can you do this for ayne? it's the pika ichi cover page http://evilflowers.com/ipboard/index.php?/topic/2665-pika-ichi-v5-ch17/page__pid__56832#entry56832 thank you dear <3

  8. Hee hee you're welcome! I'll keep working on it~

  9. Thanks for all the chapters, sweetie <3

  10. awwww kinishinaide~*hugs* i heard it's really hot in japan right now, i totally understand if you don't feel like doing any work XD it's been very hot here in england as well and i feel like procrastinating too XD

  11. Hi Sora-chan! Aww sorry, I've been slack off lately(>_<) They're less wordy, so I'll get them done in a couple of days! Maji de gomenne!

  12. Su-chan~ when do you think you can get the next chapter of HnR done? we'll need it soon <3 thanks darling

  13. lat

    awwww *hugs* I know what you mean, it's been really hot in the UK as well! I've been so hot~ haven't had time to do much!

  14. Subaru

    Ooh that's good to hear:) well, I'm dead cuz of heat...lately I've got many things to do and can't find much time to read manga! It saddens meee~

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