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  1. Thanks shally and charlatte I'll tell if I ever have any kind of trouble. Happy anniversary or birthday by the way. I am sorry for my late reply. charlatte, i think that photo looks allright even if it isn't manga related
  2. Happy birthday EF ^___^
  3. Hi Shelly :-) Thanks for the warm welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you too. I already enjoy my stay here in EF. I'm pretty sure that I'll stay here for a really looong time :-)
  4. Hello I am Jeanie and joined today the community ^__^ First things first you've got a nice website and the online reader is great, like really great. I tried it out yesterday and liked it very much. It's so fast! I like to read manga,manhwa,webtoons and books. In my free time I like to make bracelets, but right now i've got lessons and no time to do that. (That makes me a little little bit upset) I am 23, living in Germany and studying some ting related to computer science. English is not my mother tongue so some things I write can sound a bit weird. Thanks for your hard work Your projects always look beautiful and properly done. Thats all I want to say, for now I guess. Have a nice day :-)
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