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  1. hey youni- are you coming back to translate for us? :)

  2. hi youni :D how are your exams going? :)

  3. hey youni :) don't worry at all! ^^ I hope your finals are going well :D Wish you all the best luck for them!! :D Sure :) that's no problem at all- I'll get cover for you and let me know when you are back :) We will miss you! and look forward to your return :D

  4. hey lat, sorry I havent been posting for awhile, Im really busy lately with finals (its finals week) and I'll be busy for the next two or three weeks. Maybe someone could cover for me til Im abit free? sorry about that.

  5. hey :D we are releasing some vol 13 chapters for the anniversary release in may- so your hard work will be shown then :D how is volume 14 going? :)

  6. did you find volume 14 of ciel ok? XD Sorry the chapter numbers are so confusing! And thank you so much again! The fans will love you!

  7. Yup, Ciel is awesome! Thank you! XD

  8. ohh thank you for doing Ciel! :D

  9. hey ^^ welcome to EF! thank you for applying! XD

  10. HI! Im new, but I want to try being a Korean translator! Thanks!
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