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  1. Wish granted...but then gerik hid one in his closet and then released it during the night to start spamming everybody. I wish I could slap gerik.... (NO hard feelings man)
  2. (-_____-) zzzzzzz............ I mean...OWWW!!! Don't slap us too hard! 1
  3. Wish granted but then you discovered that the cheesecake wasn't actually a cheesecake but a mud pie made out of real mud. I wish I didn't have a strong sense of smell.
  4. 7..... I so want to slap gerik. @gerik: no hard feelings man.
  5. desert (yes, single s. i don't know y it came to mind first)
  6. old men (Had no idea what you meant by pedo...pedophile?)
  7. Wish granted but the candy was so hard that you broke all your teeth. I wish December would come faster.
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