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  1. 5 Gerik, don't even try to google translate this because it will just spout nonsense... Minsan, nakakainis ka. Minsan, nakakatawa. Pero pag nawalan na ako ng pansensya, patay ka saakin lalaki ka. Ciao!
  2. 9....I really wish that I could you slap so hard right now.
  3. 6 @neko: Phil is also called cactus @gerik: funny...that wiffle bat had loose nails all over it.
  4. 2 Long story Neko. You weren't there when it happened.
  5. 6 @gerik: When we meet personally, you wont be yawning...
  6. I can't make one because I was not able to corrupt your wish...or did I?
  7. YAHOOOOO!!!!!! Slap gerik for....well...SLAP GERIK!!!
  8. Hahaha!!! Wish NOT granted....find somebody who can.
  9. 3 Hahahaha!!!! Oh man....gerik....you better think of a war strategy. GO WONG!!!
  10. Wish granted...but then people started to get lonely so they decided to wage a war on you again. I wish gerik would let me win in "Count to Ten, then SLAP"
  11. 7 @Tailbreeze: Hahaha!! LOL!!! AWESOME TAIL!!! @gerik: Probably we find you soooooo irresistible gerik...
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