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  1. Tail, if I was an illusion, I wouldn't be here. :)

  2. I agree. I couldn't stop smiling at the end of the film. Yosh! My turn. Can you guess what anime is this scene from?
  3. Lol. It's ''Kigeki''. Love that short film.
  4. Hiya Cheesecake. It's the one with the girl in winter looking up at the stars. :)

  5. College in a few weeks. I can't believe I'm entering that stage in life!!!!

    1. Tessa


      Haha, you will be surprised how much free time you'll have and how much more you'll need to study for each exam XD.

  6. Yap. I still am. I'm working on it now. :) will try to finish it by tonight. :)



  7. You're banned because I never knew a thing. I always come at a bad timing. Runs in the family.
  8. You're banned for completely showing off and forgetting little ol' me.
  9. 13 LOL! So many pages! Let's make it reach 1000!
  10. Will be coming back to EF between June or July. :)

  11. 10 Slap everyone. And gives everyone a goodbye kiss! Muah!
  12. My dear family, it seems that I will be leaving EF earlier than I expected. Too bad I can't celebrate my birthday with you guys. Anyway, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to typeset some of the projects...especailly Reimei no Arcana. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done. Please continue to do your best to bring happiness to those who love manga. I will continue to do my part to help EF in anyway that I can while I'm gone. I don't know how...probably do...

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    2. CookieMonsterHana


      Aww Tulvander D: We'll definitely miss you. Like Koko and listener said, take care of yourself and good luck with your life! Do drop a visit when you can [:

  13. If collage, and not college, yes!!!! Next person believes in Santa Claus.
  14. Huh? I did? I kind of forgotten...but yes...I'm leaving EF. I will be going to Italy to work. If you'd like, I can always meet you and Tessa in Romania or London if I have the time. :)

  15. Hey listener! Sorry! I couldn't go on CB...was already going to sleep then...not sure when I can go online cb...there is a huge difference! Huhuhu! Miss u man!!!

  16. 8 yeah...what he saw wasn't human...
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