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    obviously love anime and manga ^^
    I also play a lot of instruments such as the guitar, flute, and piano.
  1. Ahaha thank you so much. With your and Ayne's words, I was able to see what I did wrong!! :DDD (Yay for me) I feel MUCH more confident after realizing my mistakes not only in the translating part, but the organizing part of the translations.... it seems that I underestimated the translators...A LOT. Oh, btw, I think that being random is wonderful!!! I am very random as well!! Thank you, and wish me luck!!
  2. Yeah, I understand!! When I tried out for the position on the other scans website, they only told me that I made a few mistakes in the translation part....and that WAS IT. So I felt really disappointed not only at that person but also at myself for failing.... But after seeing the guidelines for the korean translator position here, I was REALLY relieved. The guidelines are SO detailed and proper and nice enough to show me step by step what to write. After looking at the guidelines, I noticed what I did wrong on the test before.... So, thank you!! ^^ I'm a step closer to getting the position!! I hope I get in.... (translating the test as posting this)
  3. Really? ^^ Wait....how many series are there? XD hahaha
  4. You're welcome...I guess??? hahaha XD Have fun watching it!! ^^
  5. NEW!! Please help me out you guys!! ^^ I'm trying out for a Korean Translator position!!

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    2. ggumso


      woot good luck with that :) hope you can join our team hehehe

    3. Tear


      Good luck on the test! :D

    4. sunnylee8197


      Thank you so much ^^ @Tear @ggumso

  6. Ahaha!! Actually, I thought of the same thing at first!! But if you keep on watching, you'll find it interesting! The plot is actually well written, and the characters are so funny!! The final episode is really nice. It's full packed with action!! ^^
  7. OMG I watched so many anime.....but surprisingly, I still haven't watched fullmetal alchemist yet.... My friend says that it is REALLY good....but I don't know....recently I've watched anime that was not very appealing....like Fantasia Dolls....sigh... -.- On the other hand, I'm watching Zetsuen no Tempest...and it's REALLY good. If I had to give it points out of 100, I would give it around...93? I mean, the plot is very appealing and well detailed, but because of the details, it was kind of difficult to understand at first. But the characters are very well portrayed, especially the main characters. I would recommend it to people who really like psychological anime or anime that have a bit of a plot twist. What do you guys think? Please reply!! ^^
  8. Hello! I recently joined this community. The website is so organized and pretty!! ^^ I actually really want to apply for a Korean translator position....but I don't know how to do that in this website... I am pretty new to this kind of system. I have tried out for this position before...but it didn't work out, which kind of shocked me, since I'm an actual Korean who is fluent in both English and Korean. However, this didn't stop me! I am definitely not the type of person who would ignore past mistakes. I will accept those mistakes and try out again here. I REALLY hope that this time I will be accepted!! I really want to get along with everyone. ^^ Oh, and if any of you are willing to help me, PLEASE DO!! Thank you so much!! ê°ì‚¬í•©ë‹ˆë‹¤! 잘부íƒë“œë ¤ìš©~ ^^
  9. Hello!! I would like to apply for a korean translator position. I am fully Korean, but I have lived outside of Korea for a very long time, so I speak both English and Korean fluently. How do I apply?
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