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  1. Thanks yor the welcome The true is I'm a very calm person so this activity is ok for me,but I will try to go to the chat
  2. Right now (with my sis) we are watching Mushishi... a little old but... Before, we try to see Samurai Flamenco ; but we abandoned in the episode 12 ...
  3. Today is cool~ TT--TT very cool and I'm in home studying...

  4. @ayne Good luck at your exams! and thank you so much for the welcome. @`Shally. Thank you so much for the welcome You have such work...
  5. Hi! ( )/ Tsubame here. I like this group for many years pbut for time I dont came to the forum before. I love Ciel (and manhwas in general, they are so dramatic! and I love drama) I live in Spain and english is not my language so... if you see something off please tell me, I'm trying to improve. About me... too much time in internet (15 years) so I'm not a child ^^, I like read mangas and manhwas, fanfictions and all about books. When I have time I do pixel dolls but right now I'm studying so... I dont have to much time :S Someting more?... Now I dont know what more say. If you want to know something about me just ask me I'm glad to be here. THANK GUYS! You do a magnificent job!
  6. Hello! I'm Tsubame. Here in LK we have a wonderful spring morning.

    1. ayne


      So jealous! It was rainy and cold over here. D:

    2. tsubame_17


      I say too much because today is rainy and cold and in a few towns behind us is snowing ^^;

    3. lat


      That's so nice! I'm in the UK and..... yeah.. it's mainly rainy! Though it's quite sunny this morning, I'm surprised!

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