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  1. Nope(for the moment... ) Next person is on vacation
  2. Science Drought or Flood?
  3. My favorite one!! My favorite one!! XD I discovered it by watching the drama which is also one of my favorite. But it's true that the political scenes are sometimes very borring and i sometimes skip it...
  4. I've just finished Really?! And i'll begin Mayonaka
  5. Yeah, i enjoyed this manga but it was hard for me to be catched by it... fortunately my sister was keeping telling me to read it...
  6. My favorite manhua but for the moment i've stopped following because the story doesn't really move...
  7. Although the context of war is a bit borring, the story between the main character is sooo cute(i'm just reading the manga for them)!!
  8. I don't remember if it was Sailor Moon or Fushigi Yugi but it was Fushigi Yugi which gave me the love of manga! ^ ^
  9. When i was young i like wake up at 7am but now that i'm getting older, i think between 8 and 9am is a good time, ^ ^ otherwise i'll think that i lost the half a day
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