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  1. Arya

    Thank you very much!

  2. Arya

    Thank you very much!

  3. Udara

    Happy birth day Arya :)

  4. ayne

    Hey, do you still want to pr Brundage? Since you and Mel did a chapter, I don't remember whose project it was and Mel said she thinks it was yours now. ;)

  5. lat

    yes please, thanks arya :D oh no- are you ok? are you feeling better now? *Hugs*

  6. Arya

    Hey Lat, sorry for the late response, I caught a cold last week and I've been feeling like crap since then. If you still need Johyou, I'll start working on it asap.

  7. lat

    Awesome thanks XD that sounds great! All the bits are under the joint partners part of the forum- under Lat's Order, Johyou XD ohohoh sounds fun- have fun! <3

  8. Arya

    Hey Lat, I could TS Johyou on the 1st or 2nd Jan. It depends on how much I drink tonight *grins*

  9. lat

    hey arya :) I got the PR for Johyou finally! XD Are you still ok to TS it please? :) I have half of each chapter cleaned - so it would be a weird way to TS but if you could TS those, that would really be amazing :)

  10. Hi, Arya :3 It's nice to meet you. :D I'm a new PR recruit. It's so awesome that you can do both PRing and TSing!

  11. lat

    WOOOOOOO Complete project! XD Thank you too- couldn't have done it without you! <3 hehe Glad work is going well :) Make sure to get plenty of rest :D *gives cookies*

  12. Arya

    YEEEEEEEYYYYY!!! Good job everyone! Otsukaresama!


    I'm checking the forum from time to time. I just don't have time to TS anymore. My work is going well, but it's exhausting.

  13. lat

    Hey Arya :) TailBreeze has TS the Hikou side story ^.^ yay project done!! :D Hope your work is going all ok <3 Let me know when you're back :)

  14. lat

    hehe xD not at all :D Thanks so much for reminding me! :D aww dont worry i dont think you've stepped on anyone's toes :D and sometimes people need things told to them straight ;P

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