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  1. cat. where you at? still busy? I had to give a chapter of Oujisama no Kanojo to someone else because you're missing ~_~ come back soon~

  2. nah I just want you to take the QC test for shitz and giggles. And because I could use a QCer for my team (we have none besides me).

  3. Sure xD Should I be worried? LOL

  4. cat. wanna have some fun besides PRing?

  5. it's coooool~ just tell me when you gotta leave :)

  6. Glad to be back ;D School got so freakin' intense for a while heh >.>' Thanks for being okay with it lol

  7. awesometastic :D welcome back ~

  8. Yup, I'm doing Clover 26 as we speak ;D

  9. cat. back? XD or was it NEXT tuesday? XD

  10. aww okay, take care then :) we'll be waiting for your return 8D THE CAT'S RETURN.

  11. Yeah, I know... I seriously apologize for how busy I am right now--it's ridiculous. I mean, as I'm typing this, I'm in the middle of a meeting...

    The craziness will be over with by next Tuesday, so look forward to me coming back FULL THROTTLE!!! 8DD

  12. cat... where are you cat? :<

  13. Looool at the 0 fucks given one Yeah, cats are pretty much superior
  14. I thought it was hilarious xDDD It's like a matryoshka of cats lmfao
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