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  1. I'm a little late, but welcome to the EF family! ^^

  2. Pokie poke poke. Status update? :3

  3. herro :3 chapter 6 cleans for haikei date are up for you to TS whenever~

    1. arashi


      okaaay~ i'll get to it soooon

  4. Just checking up on you about HB :D

    1. arashi


      Hi! Ch. 28 is about 2/3 edited and 29 is cleaned and ready for TS-ing. It's coming along... slowly.

  5. Could I try the Chinese translator test? It's been a while since my Chinese school days, but I'd like to give it a shot. ^__^ (Also, I have a huge Chinese dictionary XD)[/size]
  6. sooo... apparently Obama's coming to my graduation. @[email protected]

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    2. `Shally.


      Wow, I would love to see this on a video. *O* if that's possible. but that's pretty amazing, though!

    3. Airspear


      When's the graduation :D

    4. arashi


      It's gonna be on the 14th of June at Angel's Stadium. ^__^ It's going to be super packed, but I figure it's a once in a lifetime chance. :D And I'll try to record it! If not, pictures. :)

  7. Overslept 'til 4pm today... the week before finals probably isn't the best time to crash and burn, AND YET.

  8. @ayne - Thank you! ^___^ Yes, I think I'm going to continue my studies. I decided 3/4 way through this degree that I didn't really want to do law... (haha...:'D) so I'm going to continue school in a post-baccalaureate program. Eventually, I want to be a doctor! And you're lucky you still have a year and a half, I'm envious.
  9. @Joey - I don't mind at all! I'll be getting my BA in the field of Criminology, Law & Society. (: @Scarlet - Thank you! @Yui - Yes!! I love MatsuJun, that's part of the reason I chose this username LOL. *returns brofist and eats potato*
  10. Hello everyone! I'm arashi, which is the Japanese pronunciation of the second character in my Chinese name (é–‹åµ). IRL I go by Katherine or Kat. Feel free to call me whichever~ I'm a 4th year university student graduating this June. I'm super excited and also really scared. ^__^;; Real life? Adulthood?? Jobs??!?! RESPONSIBILITY?!?!!!! *retreats into hermit cave* Anyway, I'm a long time manga reader and I've wanted to join a group for a while now. I came across Evil Flowers and loved how well-organized it was, so I decided to apply for the position of editor. I passed both the cleaner and typesetter tests, so here I am! I'm still figuring out my way around here, so please be patient with me and let me know if I forget something. (: Nice to meet y'all!
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