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  1. why is no one watching 'say I love you'!! or perhaps 'Chobits'??? Or if you want to get pervy 'No Money' that anime is beautiful!!!
  2. Your band because you put to many "a"s in "way".
  3. Well today has harsh. Recently I been looking for a job that will work for a teenager still in school. while my mom looks for a guy I'll say yes to, but other than that it was okay.
  4. Hiya, I was wondering if the moderator job is still open. If it is can I apply, I love to help people and I'm great at making friends. If you like I can set up a chatango, I do have a Skype though. I'm usually always on evil flowers and I would love to help out the people who release my favorite manga. I do not have experience, I'm sorry to say, but I will try my hardest please except me
  5. OKay!! So the theme that I thought was cool is...... Saint Patrick's day love!!! So put up you favorite couple, or family love. Do what ever type of art you like, as long as its amazing! Deadline is Tuesday, March 18. if you have any questions just ask don't be shy! Good Luck!!!!!!!!
  6. It seemed kinda of dead here.... So I decided to host a contest I am sorry there will be no prizes, but this is just to have fun and lighten up the mood here!! Anything works really, you can do fantasy or even realism, but realize this is for fun so don't bend over backwards trying to make really awesome just do what ever. Hopes you all enjoy!! And good luck!!!!
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