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  1. Hey, how's everyone doing?

    1. `Shally.


      I'm good, you? Thanks for asking :D

    2. scarletriverfox


      Great, thank you! XD

  2. You're banned because I'm bored and I'm in health class...
  3. *Sits down with a cup of tea* Hello one and all, and welcome to the parade. *Throws confetti everywhere* Enjoy...

  4. Hello, wonderful meeting you! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have, and even if the forums aren't very active, the chat always is! Welcome!
  5. Hey, look, there's a flower! *Worships each and every flower that bloomed in spite of the frozen earth*

  6. Actually, it's a hat my brother got in the dominion republic, it's made out of a palm leaf tree. Thank you
  7. *In that part of the world that will moan at the mere mention of snow*

  8. Oh, awesome… I'll defiantly take part Good thing I just started a scratchboard of my true love
  9. Pft, nah, you want to see what I really look like… Fresh off the press:
  10. They left me alone with photo booth
  11. Thank you, Latin is pretty hard too, it's all backwards with sentence structure, and if you don't know the endings, nothing makes sense.
  12. *Accepts potato gratefully* Hello fellow Attack on Titan fan
  13. @ayne: Yeah, here's a link to a sample (It has the translation to the normal book on the right) http://homepage.usask.ca/~jrp638/latin/harriuspotter/hptexttransl.pdf @Sally: Nice to meet you, and thank you!
  14. Currently, I'm only a high school student, so I do whatever translation I'm assigned, but I'm trying to track down Metamorphosis in complete latin. I also read the first two Harry Potter books in latin (Which was really awesome and fun to do). And thank you for welcoming me so warmly.
  15. French - Not really anymore, but I'm sure if given something I can decode it. Latin - I can't pronounce things in the first place, but I can read and somewhat write it.
  16. I'm kind of new here, joined about seven minutes ago. I'm not sure how to work anything yet, but I'm hoping that by the time I finish (And start learning) Japanese and Korean, this group will still be active. Currently I'm an active Latinist, although that helps in no way whatsoever. I admit I came here because I love Reimei no Arcana. I hope to actually become a good part of this community. *Awkward introduction over* -Scarlet River Fox
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