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    Konbanwa, Minna-san!

    You can call me Lizzie. I'm proud to have some Filipino & American blood in me {anyone else here a Pinoy?}. I've been living in the US for most of my life, but I can speak Tagalog fluently {I think lol} and currently taking Japanese 2 & French 1 -- love to learn new language...hehe. I'm into Shoujo/Josei & anything with romance, though I wouldn't mind reading some Shounen once in a while. I mostly read, but I'm hoping to catch up on some animes & drama {suggestions, anyone? . I'm obsessed with pandas, owls, white tigers & totoros I've been an EF stalker since last year & have love all of the projects they've done {THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HARDWORK, STAFF! }. I'm hoping to help to release some stuff, but I don't know what I should go for lol Mind you, I'm a newbie {And yes, I love onion emotes xD}
  2. WhimsyPanda

    ¤Tug Of War¤

  3. WhimsyPanda

    ¤Tug Of War¤

  4. WhimsyPanda

    ¤Tug Of War¤

  5. I'd like to apply as an editor (as a typesetter). I have some small experience, being in three groups, but I'm afraid I'm still a newbie. I'm willing to learn though...whatever it takes to become a master at it lol
  6. WhimsyPanda

    Konbanwa, Minna-san!

    Then I'll fit right in. I'm a PRO-crastinator XD I'll be sure to stop by. *huggles*
  7. WhimsyPanda

    Konbanwa, Minna-san!

    lol Wick. I think I've been your slave for awhile now. Or did you forget about me??
  8. WhimsyPanda

    Evil Lovers [Closed]

    Oooh, can I join too?
  9. WhimsyPanda

    Konbanwa, Minna-san!

    I have about 60 or 70 onion emotes x) But I'm not sure if that is all of them. If not, then it's probably most of them
  10. WhimsyPanda

    When do you like to wake up?

    For school I have to wake up at 5am because it takes me an hour to get ready and to actually get to school. That's a huge problem for me cause I'm nocturnal, so I'm normally late for school since I wake up around 9am. But during the weekends, I sleep in as late as 4pm, though I think that 12pm is a good time to wake-up.
  11. WhimsyPanda

    This or That

    Definitely bed. Pillow pet or Shamu?
  12. WhimsyPanda

    ¤Word Association¤

  13. WhimsyPanda

    Konbanwa, Minna-san!

    Ahaha. I have to agree with you with the spelling of Totoro. lol Just two letters used...I love it! I actually have all of the onion emotes saved on my laptop, so I was really glad that EF had them too.
  14. WhimsyPanda

    Animes that were nothing like the manga!!!

    It would have to be Kodocha. There were just some parts that I liked in the manga that they cut in the anime which was why I just stopped watching in after a few episodes.
  15. WhimsyPanda

    What is your favorite anime?

    For me, it would have to be Detective Conan {Lechat, I agree with you...never-ending anime & manga} & Code Geass. I've been meaning to watch Prince of Tennis, but someone told me it's not as good as the manga {is that true }
  16. WhimsyPanda

    Manga/Manhwa that should be turned into Anime?

    I haven't watched anime in forever nor have I been updated with new animes or whatever. But I do think that Red River should be turned into anime (if it hasn't already xp) & of course Kaichou wa Maid-sama {one of my fave mangas}.
  17. WhimsyPanda

    What're you reading?

    I'm currently reading Dengeki Daisy, Kyou koi wa hajimemasu, Faster than a kiss & a few others that I only know by covers and not names
  18. WhimsyPanda

    First manga you've read?

    Mine would have to be Cat Street {anyone read it?}. It's such a good story, and is one of the mangas I've read that doesn't have cliche plotlines. It was a long time ago, so I forgot how I found out about it. I think it was because someone mentioned it or something

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