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  1. If you're interested in helping us then leave a post here and someone will send you a test: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/topic/4-recruiting-j-translators-open-k-translators-open-c-translators-open/ Unfortunately this series is Korean so no amount of Japanese can help you here XD And for once... I can actually give a good estimate for this. Expect 17 sometime this month, maybe on a very special holiday *hint hint*
  2. Late happy birthday :3 also can we get more KT007?~

  3. Permission granted for MHK (due to lack of response from Aerandria). (The other spanish group that requested MHK closed down in August)
  4. Well I'm not too into anime much now, I've mostly moved onto manga but people are more surprised when I tell them my dad watches anime
  5. Guess what? :'D TSer is busy T.T, so she gave me what she has so far. I'll try getting it done later this week, if not then most likely next week, and then it's off to Quality-checking Thanks for your patience~!
  6. One of our korean scanners uses this site: http://www.bandibookus.com/ and fortunately for them they can order on that site and pick it up at a bookstore nearby that lets her do it with no shipping cost :3
  7. omg akslfaskjfalskfj XD... I think I asked someone, and then forgot what they said AHHHH *goes to ask again* T^T sorry I sent a PM to one of them so will definitely get back to you this time ;w;
  8. Dang that's weird o_O I had another person with similar problem and was also blocked by Chrome, but they said it was because they didn't have winrar to unzip the file or something... Can you try this one?
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