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  1. Back for a limited time only 8D

    (just editing jobs)

  2. Late happy birthday :3 also can we get more KT007?~

  3. Sepiaaa do you think you can scan the last chapter of nocturne? According to the spreadsheet 51 isn't scanned yet (new translator caught up :o)


    1. Yui Lumiere

      Yui Lumiere

      Oh gosh....sorry for the late reply but thank you so much! :D

  5. Hi sora, do you think you or some other JTLer could help with MTLs for Oboreru? They have been sitting unanswered for a month now... http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/topic/3552-oboreru-knife-chapter-38/

    1. SoRa.


      Hi neko, i'm away in Germany with x5 and ayne atm. Can you message tronny or miso to see if they can do it please? >___<;

    2. Nekomikoto


      Ohhh Germany!! Wow :DD have fun!

  6. Hey Sepia, how do we want to split vol 23 of ciel? Do I just split them by how you split it in the translations (and re-number the chapter accordingly?)

    1. Sepia
    2. Nekomikoto


      omg I was looking in the wrong place (was looking at raw thread) thanks so much! I'll update the spreadsheets since I think it's still a bit confusing

  7. Ani, ani, ani, gratz on your 777th post hahaha, I just noticed XD

    1. Ani


      Ooh, I didn't even notice. Thanks, I guess XD

  8. I just want to personally thank you for staying with us for so long as a QCer! You really help get our projects released faster :) !

    1. lovesickmelody


      No problem! I love EF and our projects! ^_^ Also thank YOU for your awesome editing skills and everything you do for EF! :)

  9. Gasp I'm an Admin now =O

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    2. chillipadi
    3. chillipadi


      Will you be working on Amakusa?

    4. Nekomikoto


      I think we have staff for it already but if it ever changes then I don't mind filling in with editing ^^

  10. Hi dangg :D how's grim peddler going?

    1. Dangg


      It's almost done!! :) Sorry I'm so slow but I've had exams and have gone on vacation but Im back now! ;p

    2. Nekomikoto


      wooo! welcome back :D :D :D

  11. Brb again... five weeks xD

  12. Brb for two weeks or so T_T...

    1. ayne


      Awww, see you in two weeks.


    1. SoRa.


      -super duper late- thanks :D

  14. So after spending 3 days cleaning out the members list (deleting inactive/spam/bot accounts) we're finally under 10,000 members 8D (FYI started at ~38,000). Still a lot though (~500 pages of members left?)

    1. Nekomikoto


      Under 5,000 now @[email protected] I'm done... lol. I don't want to look at it anymore.

    2. ayne


      Whoa, awesome! *pats pats*

  15. Hi pchan, can you try downloading My Grudging Girlfriend again? Seems like there was a temporary hiccup since the first time I tried it I also had problems downloading, but after that the second and third time worked for me

  16. Hi Hela, I checked the file that you reported as broken and did not find any issues with it (downloaded successfully and all the buttons were "Active"). Try again and make sure you click "agree and download" and let me know if you are still having problems.

  17. Spud buddy got a new avatar 8D!

  18. To validate your account...check the email you used to sign up for the forums. They should have sent you an email about it with a link you click to activate.

  19. Hi lovemanga, you must validate your account first before you can post on the forums. Please check your email and activate your account.

  20. satsukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii x3

  21. I spent two and a half days straight on a coding homework only to find out upon getting our grades back that I lost 60% of the points because I uploaded the wrong files. FML

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    2. Nekomikoto


      If anyone is still wondering, the teacher let me resubmit it and i got full points back =)

    3. Yui Lumiere

      Yui Lumiere

      Oooh! That's great spud buddy! Yay!!!! :D

    4. Cheesecake
  22. Happy birthday :D

    1. Uriel


      Thank you. Neko! I had a lovely day :)

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