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  1. Nekomikoto

    Looking for 8-11 year old scannlated manga

    Ha, glad you found it, saves me the trouble of looking through the dusty old forum 😛
  2. Nekomikoto

    Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    We dont really work against deadlines so dates are always hard to say and commit to. In terms of progress, it looks like someone was assigned to TS 137 back in May & that person is still active. That's all the info I can really give from everything I'm able to see in our staff area OTL
  3. Nekomikoto

    Masca II: Kings

    It looks like they published vol 6 in January 2018, no idea if that's the last one or not.
  4. Nekomikoto


    your attachment isn't working. can you just link a page from the reader?
  5. Nekomikoto


    There's two chapters left I believe. We'll move the article to "Completed Projects" once it's done.
  6. Nekomikoto


    We could use a typesetter for this project Recruitment thread is here: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/topic/5-recruiting-editors-open-cleaners-open-typesetters-open/&page=1
  7. Nekomikoto

    Oboreru Knife

    We dont have the raws for the last volume so I can't give you an exact answer, but on average there's about 4-5 chapters per volume, since this is 17 volumes long i'd estimate about 70?
  8. Nekomikoto

    Berry Dynamite

    We dont have anyone that would be available to train right now 😕 (or at least I dont think we do?), feel free to look up guides though (I believe we have one or two posted in that thread)
  9. Nekomikoto

    Berry Dynamite

    You are indeed correct! Thank you for checking the dropped section first. Not many people know to do that and just assume it's dropped 😕 We are still working on this project, but it is stalled until we can find an editor. (Actually many of our projects haven't been updated in a while, cause lack of staff 😕 ) If you are interested, the recruitment thread can be found here
  10. Nekomikoto

    Iinchou no Himegoto

    Credits page is from another one of our projects, Crush on You
  11. Nekomikoto

    Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    Hiya, looks like there's been some movement on this project, as I see someone assigned to typeset 137. Can't give any specific dates though, but at least there's been some progress now
  12. Nekomikoto

    Stardust Wink

    There are 11 volumes total, you can find the first 7 volumes available in English from places like Amazon. If you want Japanese, looks like they got kindle/ebook available, also can be found on Amazon. Here is the first volume available digitally If you want in another language, you can find the variations on Manga Updates under "Associated Names" and sticking those names into google and see what you get back, looks like there may possibly be chinese, korean, even vietnamese available Good luck
  13. Nekomikoto

    Torikae Fuukaden_v02_ch05_TS - INCOMPLETE

    Torikae Fuukaden_v02_ch05_TS - INCOMPLETE View File UPLOADING WHAT I HAVE, WAITING FOR MTLSSSS Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 04/10/18 Category Editing  
  14. Nekomikoto

    Spam Mail Hunter

    Wow has it really been that long? OTL I think a lot of EF's project at this point is like that, we're so low on staff and we need more recruits, but in order to get more recruits we need to release something to gain interest, but we barely can release something bc we're so low on staff (such is the vicious cycle ><)
  15. Nekomikoto

    Dear my Girls

    To anyone still curious about this project, it looks like the author has gone silent after releasing the final volume of her other project Void's Enigmatic Mansion Her last blog post was in 2015, with many comments, from as recent as 2018, of fans asking about Dear My Girls, with no response from the author herself. She hasn't announced that it's dropped either, so there may still be hope, who knows.

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