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  1. hey! ! How are you doing? :D

  2. Hey... haha not really. I think it was just the environment's doing. Well, it would be like that if no one around you speak the lang you wanted to learn :D. What's irl? :D

  3. Woo~ You're a polyglot! I wanted to learn Canto and Hokkien but English is just to convenient! Most everybody speaks English so you just get lazy at learning new languages :P Btw, what do you do now, irl? (:

  4. Oh yes. I speak Teochew. I understand Hokkian perfectly but it was rather hard on my tongue so I rarely speak Hokkian. Other than that, I understand a little Hakka and Cantonese. Did you speak any of Chinese dialect? :)

  5. There's so many of you that CAN wake up so early! For me, whenever I go to bed after 12 or so and don't get up until 10 am XD must work on it.
  6. Several Chinese dialects? Wow! like Hokkien and Cantonese? XD (asks bcz that's what my parents speak)...Indonesian comes a long sloooowly lol

  7. @lat wahh, you look really good I like the red hair It's rarer and makes you look like Ariel XD
  8. I completely agree! I think Ron Weasley from harry potter was very similar to what I imagined him to look like (from reading the books) :D hehe I agree it's so fun to compare! XD

  9. I'm pretty good. I'm considering bringing my mac to a shop to get the battery thing fixed but since I can probably get a new computer for uni (if I get in >.< fingers crossed) next year I'm not sure whether or not it'll be worth it to get it fixed. Will you be getting a new computer anytime soon?

  10. I'm great! My mac is finally up and running after 5 days. It felt so good to have it again I literally wanted to hug it >.> but that's not really it....How are youXD

  11. Haha. well how r u?

  12. Yay, I'm your first friend :D

  13. Chinese is my first language. Hehe... I'm from Indonesia of course. I was born there but my parents only speak Chinese and several Chinese dialects. They thought that I'd be able to speak Indonesia when I enrolled into the school. Apparently, I needed some language course before I could speak Indonesia well. Oh.. about watching TV. Hehe.. so how's the greetings in Indonesia? :)

  14. Yes, way too textbook-like. You speak Chinese, too? Where are you originally from XD Hmm recently...Saya sedang nonton TV :) something I do way too often O.O

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