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  1. Me too, on the myspace part. There were rumors of how myspace was copying facebook but it wasn't Tom's fault. Because he left Myspace a very long time ago; like right after Facebook was created. Myspace owner is a different person, so that could be a possibility, but if you account got deleted that means someone else reported you or your account activation was deactivated, but you can still activate it again. (jeesus that's one long run-on sentence xD). Anyways, I hadn't used mines for years, but all my accounts are still there just that it was deactivated but it's still useable just be re-activating it. I do agree that Facebook games are fun but most of them are usually on beta and it shuts down and you go on rage mode because they're not opening it up again.

    Now Myspace is used for fan-made celebs Myspace, although there a very few celebs who ACTUALLY use myspace. Myspace kind of look like a mixture of blog and tumblr, personally to me.


    yeah he sold it for millions and right after most people moved to facebook....  im sure the person who bought it felt sort of screwed... lol

    i remember the first time i got on there and there was this weird tom guy in my friend list.. lol i got so mad!! xD 

    well maybe 1 day ill reactivate it.. but for now im not that into social networking anyways :P 

    and well facebook games are nice so i can click on something when im watching a movie... 

    not as actual games :)  (i prefer the MMORPG's where you can hack and slash people and stuff)

  2. the first manga... hmm i started with inuyasha and i was through it in a matter of days... 

    then someone sugested Death Note... was throuh that one in a week..  

    then some people sugested i read Naruto and Bleach.. i still read them when a chapter comes out but tbh i liked the first parts better...  then i read Alice Gakuen and One Piece and Fairytale and when id read them all i just went through entire genres at sites like mangareader and manga fox... lol so many mangas xD 


    i think its kind of lame though the popular ones like naruto and bleach...  in the beginning 1 chapter was pages and pages of action and story... . now 1 chapter is simply 1 little dialog and thats it... 

    i hate when that happens... 

  3. i liked myspace!!  but then everyone left and asked me to please join fb..

    i was reluctant at first but its a great way to keep in contact with friends in other parts of the world..  


    i went back to myspace at some point but there were all these changes and i think my account got deleted? im not sure what happened there so i left.. 


    i like fb mostly for the games u can play when youre bored.. and duhh keeping in contact with those peole i know around the world... 

  4. hmmm when i was in marokko for a year there was this 1 place that had couscous that was soooooooooooooo delishioussss!!!!!  (we (me my mom and little brother)  all got food poisoning from it but is was worth it!!) we went back several times! (and we got food poisoning every time) 



    hmm the weirdest? idk i dont eat that much weird things.. i try to stay away from all snot like foods (snales oisters and that kind of stuff) 


    the worst? my mother in law made some food... she put like pigs tail in or or something... i ran outside and around the corner of the building where she couldnt see i puked it all up...  omg that was GROSSSS


    worst thing i ever drank was some kind of whiskey i think.. it had this horrible aftertaste that made me throw up in my mouth... eww

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