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  1. i found v 19-21 japanese raws for 9 banme no musashi. the site doesn't seem to post it there anymore, but i still got the scans. still no luck finding the v.18 ones though. if you're still looking for it.. quite sad that the american/canadian publisher went defunct and no one is willing to continue (like dmp or viz). i know what i said is 4 years too late though.. >_<
  2. hmm.. seems that no one seems to talk about how their day or week went again... well, my day is currently okay, still got work to finish, and i'm too lazy to even think where to begin with working.. my father's b'day is coming up, my sister already bought the present, but she thinks its not enough, but i thought its ok since there'll be a more grandeur celebration. moreover, on the birthday celebration, it'll also be my sister's engangement.. uhm.. i cant say ritual or ceremony, but there ARE some things that each side has to bring and give and all and hate it as much as i want, i still have to wear a dress, and moreover, red colored too, since its like celebration thing.. oh, forgot to mention, she's my younger sister, so there's another.. uhm.. 'ritual' that she has to do towards me, the older sister, according to the customs and traditions in our family since ages ago. cant really imagine, and dont want to imagine.. is what i feel right now.. >_<
  3. hmm.. in my country i've attended cons such as: Anime Festival Asia, Hellofest, Toycon, Comic Con, all for the sake of buying fan arts, cute and unique souvenirs, and see cosplayers. i'm not a cosplayer, but i admire those who come as cosplayers, though i must say, some kind of put up a half done attire, and show up anyway. i saw a few girls wearing goth loli costumes, but i think their shoes weren't done, so they decided to wear a fluffy pink animal shoes. amy friend who owns a few goth loli clothings felt pissed off at them for ruining the look. there were also more misses than hits in the cosplayers a few years back. nowadays, people tend to dress as shingeki no kyojin charas or free! charas. i wish i can attend SDCC comic con or yaoi con, but i live so far away, and getting america's visa is quite hard (especially if you dont answer right in the interview.. )
  4. being indonesian, of course i'm fluent in my country's language. other than that.. just english (lol), tried taking japanese, but i only remember phrases and hiragana. katakana is quite hard to remember (since the form looks similar, only a few i remember) and the only kanji i remember is kawa. lol but of course, i leave my japanese learnings to animes, but lately i havent watched any animes due to being busy with work. >_<
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