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  1. Yes I did. Just today what makes your tummy happy?
  2. The title says it all! Have you showered today? Please avoid questions like "this or that?" and "what if...?" questions as we have game threads for these already
  3. I don't remember? it's either doraemon, or shinchan? or maybe ninja hattori? i read those three a lot when I was a kid, so I couldn't recall which one i read first
  4. Yo, whats upp! I hope so too ! of course there are! Like Hirunaka no Ryuusei? omgomg. I'll freak out by just talking about it. And reimei no arcana, perhaps? Ohh yeah, I was wondering what is that for, but I didn't tried that, thanks for telling me ;
  5. shinchan? or doraemon? maybe doraemon u.u .. hirunaka no ryuusei
  6. hello, sally the rectuiter nice to meet you... maybe? :c
  7. psst. I'm 19. I've only been to chatwithdango once, planning to visit more often *v* you can assume I've read amber chronicles, but truthfully, I haven't. is it because of my location? XD I made that up actually.
  8. Um, yes. Hello. My name is Lilly. Yes, it's a name of flower. No, it's not edible. And no, I've never tried it. Why am I here? I don't know, maybe this site is calling me? How old am I? - well, tell me your age, and I'll tell mine. That is all? What you're bored with me ;-; wait, come backkk I'll try to be more interesting ... yes, i am answering my own questions. Nice to meet you by the way.
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