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  1. quite busy with my personal life u.u what flavor you love most in popcorn? (seasalt, buttered, caramel, sweet, spicy, idk..? etc)
  2. *pretends to bump into him* omg I'm sooo sorry, are you hurt? how well can you cook?
  3. teacup pomeranian physics or chemistry?
  4. kuroko no basuke fairy tail hirunaka no ryuusei
  5. romance! what's the craziest thing have you ever done?
  6. A doctor what's your favorite bubble tea flavor?
  7. Chemistry exam is coming ;A;

    1. `Shally.


      Good luck on your exam! :D

  8. no. I don't want to be eaten D: what do you think of kids nowadays?
  9. I don't think so. But I do know a friend who hates potatoes ;-; what are you obsessed with?
  10. 3 months ago. we just broke up ._.; how often do you sing when nobody's at home? or around
  11. First place junior chef 2009, somewhere in Asia. honestly. Have you ever danced while looking at yourself in the mirror?
  12. eat.sleep.rave.repeat. have you tried to eat your mucus?
  13. I do like Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood. Shingeki no kyojin as well... kill me baby? nichijou? I guess.. and golden time
  14. potato skin? with cheese and bacon on top. if you can draw on someone's face in this site who would it be?
  15. yes of course! on the scale of 1-5, how sexy are you?
  16. I can speak Indonesian and hokkien, my mom is from those lineage
  17. YES! one potato, two potato... what's your favorite phrase when you trip / fell?
  18. I have done my homework, and have nothing else to do other than goofing around EF. Are you a narcissistic?
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