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  1. I'm casually reading manga (n.n)/

  2. oh thank you very much! I really would like to translate it to Spanish and read so more relaxed. >.< anyway, I hope you do not cause you to problems again thanks and regards! I look forward news
  3. I'm bothering again hopefully not much anyway ... back to the topic of "Meiji Hiro Kitan" Aerandria did not answer the message I wondered if it was possible to know which group does the translation? this is to see if we can use only the translation ... regreted I really like the manga, but will respect your work if it is not possible Greetings!
  4. Hello again! I realized that finally came Berry Dynamite and I liked it! congratulations on your work pedi prior permission but could not I hope this time if hahaha xD *Name of the project: Berry Dynamite *Target language: Spanish *Name of your group: Dark Paradise Fansub *Url of your group: http://darkparadisef.wordpress.com/
  5. lol ask for much, right? okay, sorry for the inconvenience haha thanks for the information and for permission Cheesecake command them anything so message of "Meiji Hiro Kitan" luck!
  6. Very well, then I hope your answer and I notice them to you indeed "Berry Dynamite" We can also translate when ready?
  7. I'm sorry, already ^^ http://darkparadisef.wordpress.com/?ref=spelling PD. and send a message to Aerandria, I hope to get it, I drew attention in history! if not possible, you could not give me permission?
  8. yes, I realized later, sorry as for "meiji hiiro kitan" I ask I also would like your permission to "vanilla frosting"??
  9. ooh I see .. well ok, no problem you say about "meiji hiiro kitan" and "Dream Fantasia"? I liked also
  10. Hello team! Thanks in advance for your work, I like mangas that translate and I would like to translate to Spanish "Sir Tiger's Table" My group is Dark Paradise Fansub and we totally agree with your rules our website: http://darkparadisef.wordpress.com/ Greetings!
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