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  1. I like to download your releases because my internet provider is so slow that it is troublesome as well as tiresome to read it online. During peak times I need to much time for online reading and since I am still a busy studying mother of two childs, I prefer the download option. Please keep it up.
  2. I used Facebook but wasn't very active because I was just to busy with life. At the beginning of this year Facebook announced a change in their policy which I didn't like and since I am opposed to the way how Facebook makes money with personal data anyway, my direct consequence was to I delete my account. I know that what I have postet and shared with other people will not disappear because of that. I am well aware of the fact that by posting on Social Network Sites you loose control over how your pictures and data will be used. But that's already in the past and not alterable, so I am just looking forward.
  3. Woah, it's been such a long time but I still remember it vividly when I watched my very first Anime. It was the movie called "My Neighbour Totoro" or "Tonari no Totoro", written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and it happened almost twenty years ago. Yeah you heard right. I watched the movie when I was fourteen and afterwards I was addicted to the way how Miyazaki was able to tell beautiful and sentimental stories, full of magic and esprit and with interesting as well as unique characters.
  4. Mmh, I wonder if I remember all of the EF projects I read but I will try my best. Current/Ongoing: Ciel Evyione Hirunaka no Ryuusei Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 (favorite project *lol*) Masca II: The Kings Mei-chan no Shitsuji Meiji Hiro Kitan Platinum Garden Reimei no Arcana Completed/Finished Absolute Witch Anata no Mune ni Kaeru hi Made Angel at War Angel's Coffin Arcana Crimson Hero Full House Kiss Ghost Hunt He was Cool Iinchou no Himegoto Kimi ga Suki Plus Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji Koisuru Heart de Taihoshite Masca Masca: The Beginning Real Purple Sad Love Story Seduction More Beautiful Than Love The Tarot Cafe Tonari no Sugoshin Tsuiteru Kanojo Yoru Cafe Dropped/lost interest Honey Bitter Kiss & Never Cry Koizora Oh, My Romantic Kumiho Oyayubi Hime Piece of Cake The Queen's Knight Future None so far.
  5. Woah, thank you Melita_H for your welcome. It seems you are also a fan of chocolate? Anyways I am happy that you like my signature. I love squirrels, they are so cute, fluffy and agile. I never get tired of watching them. "The devil is a squirrel" is a saying. In Germany it was an ancient popular belief that the devil appears in the shape of a squirrel. Most of the squirrels are red here. They became the symbol of the devil, because of their fast as lightning agility and also because when the people were going to the church on Sundays, there were often surrounded by squirrels. The faithful people got distracted by looking at their cute and innocent faces and many of them were late for the church service.
  6. Mmh, I hope I did understand your question and confusion right. I think Kainen does like Rea (she is beauty unrivaled after all) and he feels desire for her but he is not in love with her. Despite her beauty she failed to move his heart. Kainen is gentle and caring and keeps his promises (that's why Asarella later calls him "promise keeper") but his heart is without human emotions. Only after meeting Asarella he began to change because she was able to move his heart and that's why he got to feel emotions (like anxiety, jealousy and so forth) like a human. As you read in Masca, Kainen is pretty troubled by these emotions and has a hard time to deal with them. *lol*
  7. Ha ha ha, nope! It needs much more to scare me away, so don't worry. Mmh, good question how long till I will have my master degree. If you study full-time you should be able to get your master degree after four semesters. That is to be said the regular study period. But in my case I wonder if I will be able to get it within six semesters? It really depends on my children, their health and of course the childcare. Why the health you may ask? It because ever since the started to go to the kindergarten, they are almost permanent ill and that means I can't go to university as often as I should. Hopefully it will be better once the got used to all the germs in such facilities. I love eating milk chocolate (with nuts and much better with caramel crisps) but I prefer a mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate for baking.
  8. I wonder when will be the next morning when I am solely woken up by the sunshine? You see, I would prefer to wake up after sunrise but with my two little rascals it isn't simply possible. They are early birds just like real birds , because every morning they are wide awake long before the sun actually rises. It irritates me every day anew, that my kids don't even need a warm-up time and are as fit as a fiddle, while I am very slow, not even fully awake and of course tired. Where does all this energy come from, I wonder!
  9. I highly recommend Keishichou Tokuhanka 007. It is my favorite Manga at the moment because the artwork is gorgeous, the story is very interesting and never fails to amuse and entertain me and of course the characters are fabulous and unique in their own ways. Kuze is so handsome and caring, I am sure I would fall immediately for him. His dark/sad past makes him even more alluring. *lol* As for Fuyuki, she is just so sweet, impulsive (always takes action before thinking) and at the same time stubborn, I love her for that.
  10. @Joey: Thank you so much for the warm welcome and sorry that you had to wait so long for my answer. I don't mind you asking me about my master degree. I wanna try getting my master degree in Media Studies and in Sociology. As for baking I often prepare a Black Forest Cherry Cake (it is a speciality where I come from, which I highly recommend), also chocolate brownies, muffins, nut and sesame cookies and of course a lot of chocolate cake in different variations. The latter must be because I am completely addicted to chocolate. @'Shally.: Oh dear, you definitely have to go to Japan. It is wonderful there, the food is delicious, the people are nice and always try to help you if you are lost (like I was a couple of times there) and there is so much to see. It is worth a trip!
  11. I have three favorite anime series and three movies. They are older ones and I don't know if you might have seen them. The first one is Cowboy Bebop, Vision of Escaflowne and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Each of these three series contains 24 episodes. I can watch them over and over again never getting tired of them. They may be old but they still very charming and interesting. When it comes to movies I prefer the movies of Hayao Miyazaki. Especially his movies "Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke" and "Kiki's Delivery Service" are my favorite ones among his other movies.
  12. Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself here and say hello to everyone. I am from Germany and right now I am a student aiming to get my master degree and bye the way a busy full time mother of two little children, almost two and three years old. With them it is always very lively here and to play with them is something I love. In my little free time I like reading thrillers and of course Mangas (especially your projects, because you guys have great taste and so alike to mine). I also like to travel and to meet with my friends. In the past I visited Japan twice and the time I spent there are my most precious memories. I had so much fun, met a lot of really nice people and climbed up Fuji-san by night just to see the sunrise on the top of this huge mountain. It was an experience beyond words. Right now I am saving money because the last time I was in Japan I promised myself that I will definitely take my kids to the wonderful Ghibli museum in Mitaka. There is a huge plush "neko-bus" for little children to play with it because I am to big and old for that. *lol* What else is there to tell you about me. Oh, I like to prepare cakes and cookies because first I have a very sweet tooth and second it relaxes me especially when I am nervous and under pressure, for example during exam times. Feel free to ask more about me. I'll try to be as active as I can here in your lovely EF-Forum.
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