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  1. ikr :D I'm happy.

    I've had family over so haven't been getting a lot done

    About to PR right now

  2. Neko and I will look at Amadesu (?) and see if we can handle it o-o

  3. that's great ^^ And yeah! I made a new gradient and worked with that ~:D took a few hours but it turned out great

  4. I'm so proud of myself for the work I've done on the ftsod covers :D! Please look at them!

  5. Ahh sorry to keep bothering you!! but volume 5's back cover is partially not scanned D:! I'm sorry... ! I did finish the front cover of volume 5 though :) you can see it in dropbox! Heading for volume 6 cover now

  6. we have a scanner at our uni that is SUPER fast. you open a book, press a button, flip pages in the book and just press the button as you flip - it auto saves it in whatever format you want in a usb drive - so cool!

  7. I don't know how you do it even @[email protected] I've tried scanning a few pages, but get annoyed after like, 5 pages. xD It's so time consumingggggg

  8. No worries lat. Even though Neko and I have started on Volume 4, no one has TS-ed even the entire Volume 2.. So we are way behind. It can wait ^^

  9. Lat can you please re-scan the inside flap/cover of volume 4 ? thanks ^^ part of it is cut off etc.

  10. hm I might just take a break and not work on projects after FTSOD unless we pick up Teru Teru x Shounen which I know Neko really wanted to do - so I'd work on that just to help get it done but otherwise - this is it. Lots of fun :D

  11. That's awesome! Neko and I started on volume 4 and becaues of break our releases are coming fast ^^ we're averaging a chapter a day right now

  12. LOL It never occured to me that eraser=cleaner, pencil=typesetter, paper=raw provider you're genuis Kat xd

    btw I feel bad asking you to scan now ;-; Kat and I were very close to a one chapter a day cleaned but then I got lazy so we aren't xD! I catch up!

  13. hahaha that would be hilarious

    "Made by paper, pencil, paperclip, stapler, and eraser" ta-da

    anyway~ this weekend would be great :D next weekend would be okay too - so no rush well ok small rush

  14. Neko, that would be beyond awesome if you did! O_O Paperclips and Staples sounds cooler though ~ *spamming Lat's profile*

    btw Lat.. Neko and I humbly request more pages to clean.


    We've already started on Volume 4 Chapter 1 and released (almost) 3 chapters this week(third one wil...

  15. *wears green alien costume* I come in peace!

    Hai. o-o

  16. thanks ^^ Though he hasn't been assigned work yet

  17. *sits outside your profile sadly, watching the fishslappers slap around*

  18. *doesn't clean the mess and eats hersheys chocolate on our profile page*

  19. *eats girlscout cookies on your profile page*


  20. *eats popcorn on your profile page*


  21. *eats chocolate on your profile page*


  22. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~happy dayyyyyyyyyyy n_________n


  24. aw thanks so much Cellas ^^

    It's okay though, Ayu is technically working on it, but it's considered "low-priority" so it'll just take a long time.. especially with so many other projects that Ayu is also working on.

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