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  1. hey stapler!!! long time no speak! XD how you doing? <3

  2. hey !! /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20"> I have no doubt that tessa will do v2 ch 5 re-release so they should all get done for the anni :) so exciting! thank you so much for your hard work XD

  3. hehe XD that's no problem! :) oooh have fun with your family :D family gatherings can be really nice :) I keep missing you on cb too xD I think our time zones are completely opposite! hehe

  4. ikr :D I'm happy.

    I've had family over so haven't been getting a lot done

    About to PR right now

  5. hope you're ok!!! XD FTSOD is moving forward!! XD woooo

  6. Neko and I will look at Amadesu (?) and see if we can handle it o-o

  7. It really did look great! XD oh also Neko asked me about TSing FTSOD and cleaning Amakusa- and mentioned you had a question XD I posted the answer on her wall xD

  8. that's great ^^ And yeah! I made a new gradient and worked with that ~:D took a few hours but it turned out great

  9. ohhhh covers look awesome :o really vibrant and great colours coming out!

  10. oh and don't be sorry you're not bothering me at all xD

  11. sure I'll have a look at them xD I love seeing your cover work! ^^ Ah ok, no problem- I saw that on vol 6 so did a few covers, totally forgot about vol 5 xD heheh I'll be able to scan this again with the volt flaps if that's ok? To do it all together XD hehee

  12. I'm so proud of myself for the work I've done on the ftsod covers :D! Please look at them!

  13. Ahh sorry to keep bothering you!! but volume 5's back cover is partially not scanned D:! I'm sorry... ! I did finish the front cover of volume 5 though :) you can see it in dropbox! Heading for volume 6 cover now

  14. we have a scanner at our uni that is SUPER fast. you open a book, press a button, flip pages in the book and just press the button as you flip - it auto saves it in whatever format you want in a usb drive - so cool!

  15. hehehe yeah xD Scanning really surprised me = thought it would be quicker than it was XD

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