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  1. The first anime I saw was Sailor Moon. This was like... 12-13 years ago. The first manga I read was Gakuen Alice. This was like 5-6 years ago.
  2. What I am currently reading: Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 Amakusa 1637 Ciel Dear Waltz Evyjone Hirunaka no Ryuusei Kiss & Never Cry The Queen's Knight Torikae Fuukaden Toshi Densetsu Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge What I finished reading: Absolute Witch Arcana Crimson Hero Dear Diary Deep Clear For The Sake of Dulcinea Full House Kiss Ghost Hunt Goong Gokurau Seishun Hockey Club I Wish... Koizora Masca & Masca: The Beginning My Mother and the Game-Room Guest Papillon - Hana to Chou Real Purple Reimei no Arcana Sad Love Story Saver (one of my all time favorites) Seduction More Beautiful Than Love Skyhigh Shinsou What I plan to read: Anything that would interest me.
  3. Cheers folks, my name is Mayhem (as in The True Mayhem!) and I am happy to join the EvilFlowers community. I've been lurking around for some time and I've made this account not too long ago. Been a follower of many project this group has been doing and I do appreciate their hard work in delivering them. Recently I applied for a proofreader spot hoping that (with a bit of luck) I may be an even important part of this family. For those that wish to know a little about me, they can easily check my profile as I filled some information about my interests, hobbies. In short, I am a heavy metal, anime and manga freak all in one. So, if you guys want to gain knowledge in these directions, then I am avaiable any time. I am also knowledgeable in areas related to history, politics and diplomacy. Who knows a little bit about International Relations and Political Science knows that these go along with many other subjects. I work as a part time teacher in high schools and my second job is to work in recording store. Used to work as a book keeper a while back. I think this is enough. Once again cheers, and stay metal! \m/
  4. I would also like to take the test for proofreading. Though I am not a native english speaker I do have confidence in my english knowledge and a proficiency Cambridge exam to back it up. I've been a long term fan of your group and I've been following many projects both active or inactive so if there is anything I could help with in this area (I suck in using photoshop so I can't be of help in other deparments, the only thing I am confident in is english!), I would be glad to do so. I have plenty of free time until october when university starts. Such a position will also help me improve my english knowledge.
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