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  1. When will you be back? :(

  2. Hey Lav! how's it going?

  3. hehe laveriel are you up for some Proofreading?



  4. Oh god... I'm so sorry everybody for not coming back on the promised date! D: The last week was spent to help me move across state lines into my new home (woot woot!) and it just took a lot longer than we expected.

  5. Extremely sorry I wasn't back on the promised date! D: The last week was used to help me move into my new house across state lines and it took a lot longer than predicted '>_>

  6. Laveriel, everything OK dear? :(

  7. Will be on a hiatus until (possibly?) the 10th of June due to life being a total poptart. And yes, the poptart is being a bad thing right now.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AyukawaAine


      Yeapyeap! Will miss you loads :(

    3. x5ga


      how come I just saw this? :< aww laveriel hope everything gets better! :) Take care~ and yup we already miss you :<

    4. lat


      hope all is ok!!! :D nearly the 10th june! :D

  8. High school was never this complicated back when I was still a student there. Just finished a meeting helping my sister pick her courses for next year and... Dayum.

  9. Somebody... Buy a new PC for lil' old me because I'm broke? =D

  10. I need... Viet raws...

    1. Nekomikoto


      why? can you read viet?XD

    2. Laveriel


      Yes I can .__.

    3. Nekomikoto


      oooh cool! my bf can too :D!

  11. How is it possible for a person to still feel like they have a hangover when it's been three days since the initial drinking? -_-

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    2. x5ga


      "Ziua Bărbatului" in romania ;3 a.k.a the day when women pay for our booze without saying stuff like "you should drink less"

    3. Laveriel


      Really? For us, it's the day EVERYBODY drinks 83 ... Unless you're lame.

    4. x5ga


      we drink too. we don't need a special day for that ohoho, we drink all day... all night... :3

  12. I don't want lark i want laveriel. To proofread like a boss. And grrrrrwhy are you molesting the cat? ._. What can you offer me besides hugs that i'd want? Are you a loli?

  13. Be back in a bit. Din din time~

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