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  1. Woah what have I been doing lately @[email protected] Gotta get back to PR-ing now!

  2. Ishihara Keiko (mangaka of Teki wa Ousama and Sekai no Sougen de)
  3. have pikachu knock it out with thunderbolt. throws a flying sausage wrapped in bacon wrapped in pancake (yeah, i'm hungry. .___. )

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    2. x5ga


      yay now get on cb XD

    3. Ani


      I'm free from exams (for now) too! *high five* XD

    4. Airspear
  5. I have a new sisterrrrr <33 Hi hi~ :>

  6. Yeah, I know right? I tried rephrasing that (you should've seen what it was before) and I was like "...what. I KNOW WHAT THIS IS. I'VE SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE." but I still can't figure it out ;___; poor sphear, she probably died translating this ; o;

  7. wait but i chose 5. so i'm kind of not the youngest one o3o

  8. its just random is all xD wait, if there's 7 granddaughters, why can we only pick 2-7? o___o;

  9. whaaaa. i have to choose a number? D: i'll go with 5 ~

  10. Papa and mama sora look adorablee <3333 I like those chopsticks, neko 8D ITS A SIGNNN~
  11. So I thought I should put up a newer picture of me. ;o; I don't wear glasses, btw. My eyesight is off by like .3 or something ;o; I just wanted to wear them for once <3 AND NEKO, YOU AND YOUR BF. AWW SO ADORBS <3
  12. OH MY. I REMEMBER THIS. I never made it past 15k 'cause of lack of time ;o; I don't think I'll be able to do it this year either ;w; Have fun with the contest, guys!
  13. Koko and Neko... I am not worthy
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