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  1. Unie

    KaNC - v7 - ch 40

    KaNC - v7 - ch 40 View File Insert witty comment here. Submitter Unie Submitted 09/16/18 Category Proofreading  
  2. Unie

    Pika Ichi ch 28

    Pika Ichi ch 28 View File I think there may be a missing TL on p. 163. I've started a MTL request, but it hasn't been answered yet. Submitter Unie Submitted 12/19/17 Category Proofreading  
  3. Unie

    KANC - v7 - ch 39

    KANC - v7 - ch 39 View File Dananun nun nun, another one bites the dust. Submitter Unie Submitted 12/16/17 Category Proofreading  
  4. Unie

    Pika Ichi ch 27

    Pika Ichi ch 27 View File One more chapter to go! Submitter Unie Submitted 08/25/17 Category Proofreading  
  5. Cat, I'm a kitty-cat, and I dance, dance, dance, and I dance, dance, dance~

  6. NOOOOOOO DRAT!!!! T_T I demand a rematch! 50
  7. Unie

    Hey <3

    Yes! Welcome! Welcome! We share a bunch of your interests toooo! And thanks for the compliment
  8. EXCEPT FOR FAL?! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! Jk~ but that's one I'm working on XD And I actually really like it...
  9. I don't know Japanese, but my proofreader senses are tingling and I'd change your catchphrase to, "Let's talk about milk!" even though that's not the direct translation. XD I find that actually happens a lot. When a phrase is awkward in English, translators will use phrases that sound more natural to native English speakers but aren't direct translations.
  10. Unie

    Draw a Hamster!

    Hahahaha XD It definitely looks like a cross between a cat and a hamster, but that last one looks really good! Yay! So many cute hamsters!
  11. I'm honestly not sure what you're referring to. We removed all the statuses from every project since they were hard to keep up with. There are only three chapters in the reader and three chapters in the download section. We're still working on the last three chapters of the volume, and when I checked TQK's progress, we still needed to QC chapter 4 and the last two chapters still need to be typeset. So...chapter 4 may come out in about two weeks, but I'm not sure when the last two chapters will be available. Sorry for this inconvenience, but you'll have to wait a little longer for the rest of the chapters.
  12. Unie

    Draw a Hamster!

    SQUEEEEEE!!! So cute! So cute! :3 Neko has a cute hamster. But it's sad you miss your hamster D:
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