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  1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply!! You don't have to feel pathetic of course So, in few words, IMF stands for International Monetary Fund. I'm pretty sure that by now it has made itself pretty much notorious to many countries, but i'll describe it as an international organization that has as task to supervise, give technical support and to grant credits to its members (which are around 186). I can get into some details if you want to, i'm not that objective though, since i'd really like it to abolish or dramatically limit its power (well then maybe i'm objective to think all of that )
  2. Χαχα, γεια :) ΟÏτε εγώ το πεÏίμενα, αλλά βέβαια πάλι είχα 1 χÏόνο να μπω στο forum~ :S

  3. Geia~ Dn perimena pote na milhsw ellhnika sto EF!

  4. hi there *waves* :)


    really nice to "meet" you :)

  5. Hehe just when i was wondering if anyone would speak Greek~!! Hi PennyNekο!!! Well,yes, i speak Greek and Ancient Greek and also had to learn some Latin in school and uni. My English are pretty good (but i think that it's more thanks to my reading manga and watching k-dramas rather than my mother being an english teacher) I also used to have a good level in German, but as they say "if you abandon the language, it abandons you too". Now, i'm learning Russian and have some meh-good level, but i really really really lack at oral discource, so yeah i'm not that good. Hmmm, after learning Russian better and chasing German to vome back to me, i'd like to learn some Asian language (can't decide between Japanese and Korean)...And who knows, maybe i'll help as a staff of Evilflowers~hehe I really really love all the countrie's civilizations, whose language i know..I think it makes my perception grow wider
  6. That akward moment you realize that the reason of your professor's laughs is that he's been watching your's and your friends' "three stooges" show during the interval...Oh man, where is the hole for me to hide...........

    1. Tessa


      dig one yourself? XD

    2. madora_spark


      Now that i think of it,I should have a hole on standby in that specific auditorium, since it seems that i'm having a lot of comi-tragic moments there...(reviving those scenes in mind and dying out of embarassment again...). Oh, by the way, did your exams period end?I hope it went really well !!! :)

  7. Hello Pocky!Welcome to Evil Flowers! So,a korean translator??? You're a precious kind!!! Please take good care of your health (which you can-ahem must- sacrifice to give us more manhwas and bishies...just saying.......) So since you are a fellow bishie-lover and as a sign of good will, i recommend you to go to cheesecake's profile...Her bishie in the profile photo is lethal... not that i am stalking other peoples' profile just to find bishies...no not at all.... on another side, i love these emoticons!
  8. The fright when you see your (ahem bishie) friend having his Perfect blond waivy hair shaved in mohican style, just because he got drunk...

  9. I like to wake up around 9 o clock, but since most of my classes this year start from 12 o clock and later, i have a little more freedom to socialize with my bed...until next semester at least...
  10. Going deaf because of my friends' efforts to make me like a guy...Seriously guys...!

  11. Thank you! I've read about Romania that recently people are demostrating, because they are resentful to the policies of IMF and are asking Basescu to resign.But i didn't know, and it inerested me, which social layer is most displeased and suffers the most from IMF, though i'm almost sure that it is the middle class, and if that revolt was representative of the opinion of the world. I will read the articles of the page of IMF, as i mainly do, but i wanted to have a more realistic view of the subject! "Lol, I almost deleted this topic since it looked like a typical spam post."<br style="color: rgb(28, 40, 55); font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; background-color: rgb(250, 251, 252); ">Oh you people from Germany, you always misunderstand us Greeks.I'm just kidding, no misunderstanding please!
  12. So, the truth is that i've taken a project in my university about the much-hated IMF. I'm more looking for the legal aspects of this matter, but since i'll be talking about its activities too, i thought about writing about its activities in a world-scale level. So, i would reaaaallyyyyy appreciate it if someone would tell me about how IMF operates (at a very general way, i don't wanna put you in that much trouble) in his/her country-if they have it- and how everyday people think of it and its activities... Being from Greece, i know it's not a pleasant topic,it's also a complex topic, but if you would like to share your experience or voice your opinion in general about IMF, i would thank you again and again!!!
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