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  1. Brooklyn rage!!! but no really, hello :D

  2. Hello there! as you can easily see, I have humble in the name of all the planets in the universe, have joined your wonderful looking scan group. ( better respect MOSACRA! <--- if you know where that comes from. I love you. ) there isn't much that I wish to tell you about myself. I like to stay mysterious as the shadows in the night, lurking around every corner Lets see, what COULD I tell you about myself?....hmm.... well, I could tell you that I love to play with photoshop in my spare time. I love all music (Really depends on the song for me) I'm not afraid to speak my mind... even if it does get me in LOTS of trouble. But if you REALLY want to know the basic ME just look below this wonderful writing. Constantine's daily life: As you can see, my Native language is indeed- English. Even so I can speak some of the following, just not very fluently: German, French, Pirate, Gentleman, Italian, and EARTHLING. Awesome, I know OH! and before you ask "Do you plan on joinning the team?" my answer is: Maybe. yes, maybe. I'll only join if I'm needed...er.... all I really COULD do would be PR (I'm not a grammer grammar nazi. Plus I'm a really casual person. If my writing right now does not seem super awesome gramer like right now, thats because I'm lazy <3) Later on I could be a Colorist, but not yet, I'm still in training for that. Now that I think about it..... I could even TS if I really wanted to. You know what... I'M DONE WRITING THIS. I hate writing these things... never know what to write so I end up writing stupid sh*t So with that I shall bid you a farewell as I start my wonderest jounry to make a new signature for myself
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