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  1. sorry, Udara!!! but i'm back!! hihi.:)) i'm on break atm, so i was able to message you! haven't replied yet to your last one though, i just composed a message on updates on what has passed these last 3 months.:)

  2. oh, wait, do you think we should be using the PM for our messages? :) we're totally flooding each other! haha.=D

  3. and good luck with the QC test! i'm currently a trainee at typesetting myself and Cheesecake is guiding me. i'm having a hard time with the shaping though. it's really difficult so i spend more time on it than others. and you're fun to talk to as well. :) after all, i'm not really much of a talker but i just can't stop talking to you. haha.:D yay!

  4. ....ride fast, you see.:) aww, i envy you! i can't draw at all! that's why i really look up to those who can draw anything. my friends even tease me that i'm so unartistic and stuff. haha.;D i also liked chemistry, especially stoichiometry.;) it's so fun and not pure memorization. i suck at that.-_- what's yours?

  5. if they'll ever bite me but they don't! so i get to do whatever when i play with them.:D and i so adore them because of that.:D it's also raining here nowadays, but sadly, i'm not with them cuz i study out of town.T^T I like chestnut-colored horses. but when i ride one, i don't usually care for the color, i ask first if they're fast at galloping. i really ride f...

  6. you're a teacher? of what grade? :) are you teaching psychology?


    awww. i'm so sorry about your cat. I hope he gets well soon so you can cuddle with him again. it's so fun to do that with pets, and they lick your face and hands. haha.:D my dogs don't bite me, though they really growl on strangers and chase them. hehe. :) i even sit on them or pull their tails just to check

  7. ...shots atm cuz i get back to school on the 10th.=_= i'll be really busy then, so pardon me if i return your messages late.




    heck! that's four posts! haha.;)

  8. ...ride one.


    I did cross stitch when i was younger for a class project. then i kinda got addicted to it for some time. i stopped already though. haha.;) and i know it's difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough then you can't stop cuz you wanna see it finished asap. haha.;) i just finished re-reading beauty pop for the 3rd time i think. i just read one sho...

  9. ..up. and yeah, i have favorites.=) three of them atm. 2 of them are chow chows. the other one is a pomeranian. they're just so cute and sweet that it's hard not to adore them.=) the others stay in their kennels though. i also used to want my own horse cuz i really like horseback riding. but well, we don't really have much space here. so i just go from time to time where i can rid...

  10. I know! they're so cute! well, tigers and cats belong to the same family, so i guess they look alike. but i'm not really close with our cats as i am with our dogs cuz the cats stay on the 1st level while the dogs stay with us upstairs. some of the dogs killed our cats before, you see. but i love them all the same. i just really scold them sometimes when things get bad or messed ...

  11. ...what i've missed. REALLY! the character limit is just too short!! hahaha.=) sorry for flooding your profile. :(

  12. we have about 12 dogs, i think. and 2 cats.;) and no, i haven't watched chihayafuru yet. i kinda stopped watching anime 2 years ago cuz i got so busy with school so i opted for manga since i can finish it faster and i control my time. sorry, i'm kinda weird. haha.=) but i don't like being constrained by time when i have so much to do. on my next break though, i plan to watch what ...

  13. you're right! well, i was basically saying before how i'd like to own a tiger. i also like dragons, but not as much as a white tiger. i have a penchant for rare things, you see. but i'm not allowed to have one cuz 1st it's prohibited, 2nd it's expensive & 3rd, it's dangerous. but i really like them. atm though, my house is filled with different types of dogs. we ...

  14. hi. my break's gonna be over soon. so if you need help with any PRing this time, i can take some projects to make up for the time i'll be away with school.

  15. cute, haha.=) yes, i figured it's either a cat or a fox, also your bg. i haven't actually read the manga yet since it's still being translated. i hate cliffhangers, you see. so i just wait until a manga's been completed before reading it. that's also one of the reasons i started helping out, actually.=)) i'm more of a dog lover actually, but i like pets in general.i rea...

  16. hehe.^^ thanks! do you like cats?

  17. hehe ;) that's fine, i'm just not really much for socializing.=)




    no, i think the server was just down. or maybe it was a bug or something. i didn't try to upload any other one since i already decided on this. stubborn, i know.;D

  18. hi! i'm done with the two chapters, v1 ch7-8, right? i'm just waiting for the translator's clarifications and the MTLs. so if you need help with other projects, i'm free.=D

  19. and to clarify, that's ch7 and 8 of vol1, right?

  20. just to inform you, i got your Be my sweet darling.=D

  21. great, thanks! i'll ask you again when i'm done with them. or you can give me a pile so i don't have to pester you each time.=)) it's my vacation at the moment and i'm feeling productive.=D

  22. I've actually been here for a long time already. haha.=) but thanks, nonetheless.=D yes, i wanted to change my avatar but when i try to save my edits, it always says "500 Internal Server Error". =(( any edits i make always direct to that.

  23. Hi, Melita! are you the one who's in-charge of assigning projects to proofreaders? i'm available at the moment so if you need help, do tell me.=) tess said i ask for the 2 chapters from be my sweet darling.=D

  24. Hi, Tessa! i'm about done with Real Purple, I'm just waiting for the missing TLs and the side story to be translated. so if you need help with other projects, let me know.=)) oh, and i have problems with editing my profile, do you know who can address it?

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