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  1. alstroooo D: following up on berry dynamite~

  2. Hi alstro :) how are you? The editor has caught up to your proofs for berry dynamite

    1. Alstroemeria


      hi!! I'm so sorry i'm behind with that. i just got my laptop from repairs today so i wasn't able to work on anything for a while. I'll be doing some work tonight so I'll post them tomorrow so the editors can work on them :))

  3. HIYA!! How are you!?

    1. Alstroemeria


      Hi, Lat! I just got back from a trip so i'd been away since after my tests two weeks ago :D ahehehe :) I'll be continuing PRing stuff now :D how are you?

    2. lat


      awwwww hope you had fun on your trip!!!! That sounds great :D I'm glad you can relax after your tests :D Whoooop!! I'm good thanks - I started a new job in February so I've been quite hectic, but I love it so that's the main thing! :D

  4. sorry, Udara!!! but i'm back!! hihi.:)) i'm on break atm, so i was able to message you! haven't replied yet to your last one though, i just composed a message on updates on what has passed these last 3 months.:)

  5. Hi Alstro!! how have you been? Since you didn't reply me I figured you must have been busy. How are your studies going?


    as for me I started my internship. it's tough. but we have to do it :(


    take care. study well!!! have fun :D

  6. Alstro, you know what I just learnt from Neko? we can use onionhead smiles on wall. oni49


    you just have to put it on the shout box and then without shouting cut past it on the wall oni31

  7. Alstro, yeah we should shift to PM. It'll be easier and moreover I can use those cute little onion heads when posting you :D

  8. oh, wait, do you think we should be using the PM for our messages? :) we're totally flooding each other! haha.=D

  9. and good luck with the QC test! i'm currently a trainee at typesetting myself and Cheesecake is guiding me. i'm having a hard time with the shaping though. it's really difficult so i spend more time on it than others. and you're fun to talk to as well. :) after all, i'm not really much of a talker but i just can't stop talking to you. haha.:D yay!

  10. ....ride fast, you see.:) aww, i envy you! i can't draw at all! that's why i really look up to those who can draw anything. my friends even tease me that i'm so unartistic and stuff. haha.;D i also liked chemistry, especially stoichiometry.;) it's so fun and not pure memorization. i suck at that.-_- what's yours?

  11. if they'll ever bite me but they don't! so i get to do whatever when i play with them.:D and i so adore them because of that.:D it's also raining here nowadays, but sadly, i'm not with them cuz i study out of town.T^T I like chestnut-colored horses. but when i ride one, i don't usually care for the color, i ask first if they're fast at galloping. i really ride f...

  12. you're a teacher? of what grade? :) are you teaching psychology?


    awww. i'm so sorry about your cat. I hope he gets well soon so you can cuddle with him again. it's so fun to do that with pets, and they lick your face and hands. haha.:D my dogs don't bite me, though they really growl on strangers and chase them. hehe. :) i even sit on them or pull their tails just to check

  13. recently i applied for the quality checker and ayne had sent me the test. i'm gonna start working on it tonight... hope i would pass ;)


    ha ha finally I also went up to 4 posts...

  14. though i like them i haven't ridden horses more than few times.


    when i went to school my favorite subject was chemistry. what's yours?


    i also like pencil sketching. i mostly do birds though i have tried sketching other things as well.


    it's so fun to talk to you :) it's totally alright if you reply me late. i understand, you must be busy with school work.



  15. because he has injured his paw. :( he licks off all the medicine i apply on it... besides these days it's raining here so it's great when you brows the net with your cat on the lap :)




    you also like horses? that's great :D so what colour do you like? I like black ones because they give you a mystic feeling.

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