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  1. lat

    hey Dei :D Hope everything is going well :) I can't remember, when did you say you'd be back? :D

  2. Humble Indie Bundle V is amazing!!

  3. I'm officially back!

  4. lat

    Don't worry! XD I know what you mean- it's like :o hehehe thank you :)

  5. Dei

    its mainly to do with me being too scared to find out what happens next in the chapter OTL

  6. Dei

    Halfway done with a chapter. Sorry I for taking super long. Dx

  7. lat

    hey Dei :D how is Hikou PRing going ? :)

  8. is going to have her laptop fixed and will probably take 1-2 weeks. Poooo~

    1. lat


      awww that's a long time!!!! Hope it gets back sooner :D

    2. Dei


      bwahahaha! You have good timing, because I just got my laptop in today! I'm soo happy! Not do I only have my screen fixed, but now I don't have that awkward crack in the corner of my keyboard too! Warranty is so nice sometimes x]

  9. wishes there were more chapters of Hajimechan ga Ichiban. I don't know why, but I want to read it sooo badly.

  10. *pat* *pat* *hugs pikachuu*

  11. Dei

    Hahaha, I see.

    I will get it to you when its done.

  12. lat

    ahh sorry meant pillow! its meant to be relaxing and help sleep :D It's ok, I'm in no huge rush for the PR so you can post it when it's done :) Thank you so much! :D

  13. Dei

    Lavender under the pill??

    Oh yea, would you like me to send you the document I have so far? Or would like you like to wait till it's completely done?

  14. lat

    Thats fantastic thank you :D Hopefully they will get translated soon :) yay!! :D I hope you sleep better too- Lavender under the pill is quite useful :)

  15. needs to properly adjust her sleeping schedule...

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