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    guess mainly... MANGA, MANGA, and MANGA ♥ XD
    lol no jk. P:
    i also love Korean Music, , MMORPGH & RPG games (currently addicted to Dragon Nest), my iPhone, hanging out, swimming, and EATING sweets... ♥ hence my display name. :)
  1. lat

    hey!!! :D How's it going? :D Just wondering how Ciel is coming along? :)

  2. lat

    awesome thank you so much! I can't wait :D heheheh Oh I am SO bad for losing track of time! I've been doing that so much recently ^^; eeeps! It's already february! wahhhh! When did that happen?!?!

  3. x5ga

    Pfffffffffff mr. Lolicon x3 nobody called me that so far hahahah

  4. Pocky

    omg i know that feeling!! like how you're supposed to be doing something else but you're stuck to the computer saying to yourself just 5 more minutes repeatedly

    and yup i just finished downloading all the raws :)

  5. Pocky

    omg oops -idiot- sorry mr. lolicon

  6. x5ga

    Aww did you confuse me for cellas? XD dang. Oh, and you have Ciel~ okay then focus on that one ;3 have fun~ *goes back to hunting KTLers*

  7. lat

    oh wow that sounds so great xD I get addicted to games too!! It's like ahhhhhhh I wanna play ALL the time!! :D Tess just told me as well you're doing Ciel- thank you so much for translating for us :D I love Ciel too- and it's a really popular project :)

  8. Pocky

    im currently playing a game called Dragon Nest but a couple of years back i was OBSESSED with a game called Maplestory. But personally my favorite RPG's are japanese dating sims >///< with hot BISHIES "kyaa!"

  9. Pocky

    ce-chan! stop commenting on your own wall and let me do the commenting for you! :D

    and sorry i just picked up a project hm.. it's called Ciel? and me thinks that i would die if i tried to do two projects at once on my first try

  10. x5ga

    hello~ have you chosen any projects yet? XDDD I err.. need KTLs ~_~ badly.

  11. lat

    ohh there was a really awesome free one that everyone here loved for a while- I think it was called lucent hearts? or something like that xD I didn't get much chance to play it at the time though! boo!!! what are your favourite RPGs ? :)

  12. my mom insists on doing my Biology project for me and says im a bother 0 0

  13. hahaha me gusta you like it xDDD

  14. Pocky

    RAWRR haha hi

    i see... two people, both warning me about x5ga i think that we'll get along quite well..... rainbow crap haha yes hand some over
  15. Pocky

    RAWRR haha hi

    haha thanks for the warning... but dont worry i'm a master at the katana, jujutsu, judo, kendo, karate, and even ninjutsu ....not
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