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  1. Co-Op is killing me....I'm so tired when I get home, i just crash....I'm probably useless to this group as of a month ago....Sorry guys!! T^T

  2. Nah, nah~ This seems awesome~ I want one too! Gimme one, gimme one!! *acting like a total kid* Forgot to add please. Gimme one, please~~
  3. Screwed~ I'm going on HIATUS for a month and two weeks. Sorry about that...

    1. Tessa


      Well, it happens :) . Take care of yourself and come back to us when you're done! XD

  4. LOL You're banned because you used an emoticon
  5. Thanks for the welcome~ I'm having tons of fun here!! And yes, we have. ^__^
  6. Yay~ Taiwan is awesome~
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