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  1. Happy birthday!!! :D

  2. hey!! :D are you still back? XD

  3. yay! glad to have you back :D

  4. I'm Back!!!! \o/ hold on Projects, here i come!! haha <3

    1. Unie


      Yay! You're back ^_^

  5. Officially back and ready for translating!!! In other words: HELL YEAH SCHOOL'S OUT!!!! *coughs* okay :) I wonder what project i'll do next?

  6. Thank you for Dear Diary! :*

  7. Hey, we're both Aquarius :).

  8. :3 so grateful you are here! and thank you for your work :) It's tough to get good Korean translators- so thank you! :) I wish my translators didn't go *poof* so often xD

  9. your welcome lat :3

  10. oh wow thank you!!! kyaaa!! Don't worry- I know real life can get in the way xD hehhe thanks!!! <3

  11. YAYYY!!!! i finished my translating!!! XD I apologize to all of those I frustrated with my delay. To be honest, It wasn't my priority and I was being really lazy with it... :/ SO SORRY!!! my mistake! I have no idea what I was thinking >:o SO, I hereby promise EVERYBODY that i will try to get chapter 17 in for Dear Diary in LESS THAN ONE MONTH ...

  12. oh and you can just call me eunbie :)

  13. Hey angel! Sorry i didn't read what you posted as soon as you did... my apologies! I'm not exactly sure what chapter, but i'm apparently on volume 4

  14. oh wow sounds amazing!! :D Happy New Year!

  15. Hi angel! I heard you were my editor :) I look forward to working with you, and happy new year! I'd like to talk with you soon, because i'm not exactly sure what the editor is supposed to make me do... so please give me orders! :P

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