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  1. Well, as a few of you already know, is becoming kind of hard for me to access to the internet, so if anyone would like to talk with me please pm me and i will answer the next time i can get here :)

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    2. Yumeshi


      Im back and not, when i have a moment to "escape" i come to a cyber, but just for an hour or less and im busy with other things :(

    3. AyukawaAine


      Hope you can stay longer D:

    4. Nekomikoto


      hmm what do swords like as a welcome back present?

  2. yumeshiii!!! Are you back yet?:D

  3. *pops in* hey Yume! *pops out*

  4. yumeshi!~ *pokes* I have the perfect facebook troll idea XD

    1. make multiple accounts with same name,city, and birthday.

    2. make take different pictures of self with different "personas" per account (goth, nerd,emo etc)

    3. customize each account (i.e. hobbies, layout etc) to match that persona.

    4. watch as people try to look you up get uber confused :D

  5. ah! just realised you're cleaning for the sake of dulcinea! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

  6. Thanks for the awesome work your doing! *hugs tight*

  7. It wasn't from a movie, just from real life xD...
  8. Why is everyone so pretty o.o? this is just wrong, the balance is totally shattered, i didn't want to use this but is the only solution, i will post my evil photo to restore balance on the internet 8D.
  9. *creeps in* hey!!! *creeps out*

  10. Yumeshi


    Well.... I've been around training and talking here and there, but never presented myself before o.o... My name is Yumeshi and i'm currently training as cleaner. I really don't know what to say because cel-dono pushed me suggest me to present myself... I'm a 19 years old boy that lives in spain and likes to talk archaich english 8D... please be kind to me... Pd: shall i visit any part of the forum o.o?
  11. yay!! Thank you yumeshi..!

    Anyway, note that when you want to reply at me you can reply at my profile... or else I won't be notified -_-

  12. Wherever thou go i will stand by thy side if that is thy desire, Ely-sama.

  13. yay! my sword is here!!

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