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  1. hehe that's alright :D Hope you had a nice day!

  2. its been a while since my last visit here XD But few more days until I'm free from school... Cant wait XD wish me luck for my SPM (a very important exam cuz it'll decide my future T_T)

  3. sorry for a very late reply X( but thx for the wish :D

  4. happy birthday lina!

  5. Happy B-day Lina! Hope it was good :)

  6. Happy birthday! & happy other days too. ^_^

  7. Happy birthday lina-chan!!! x

  8. Happy Birthday Lina! <3

  9. Why I like exam... 1. Teachers won't give me homeworks or even ask about it. I can trap myself in the room and say that i'm studying while i do something else 3. No chores 4.Can go home early 5. A sign of holiday is near :) ps. just staying positive

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    2. lina addy

      lina addy

      oups... hehehe... so it will be 2.I can trap myself in the room and say that i'm studying while i do something else XD

    3. AyukawaAine
    4. lat


      hehehe XD

  10. ok, there sth i want to share.... WE WON THE DEBATE, YAHOOOOOOOO! Now we can relax, wait no, i still have to go to national T^T

  11. hey lina :D just wondering whether you had the next chapter of honey bitter? :) Thanks !

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