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  1. ara~ how are you doing?

  2. hey! how's everything going? :D

  3. hey ara! ok so i found out Seryne will do vol 12- they are starting on ch 1 today :) so would you be ok to do vol 13 please? :3

  4. ohhh so jealous of your anime collection! XD also it's great to have you back!! we had some TL for Ciel but they went *poof* Seryne is doing the last ch of volume 11- but not heard back yet ^^ so it'd be from vol 12 onwards i think. Is this ok? :) I can try find other to help too so we can release it faster XD but they vanish wahhh

  5. hey xD how is moving going? :)

  6. News flash: Been looking for a new home for rent. Have to leave current home. Sorry, this year is beginning a little weird. Will be back to translate as soon as I settle down in a new home.

    1. lat


      good luck with moving!!! :D Don't worry ^^ I can ask someone else to carry on with Ciel whilst you're away - so don't worry about anything ^^ good luck! look forward to seeing you back :D

  7. Hey how are you? I feel much better now heheh I can QC Ciel again yay! Are you enjoying it? :D thank you again for TL it ^^

  8. I think it was 3x3 eyes. Too many to be certain which one was first xD
  9. Downloading because rewatching good anime is always an awesome time waster! =D Twin tails or Twin drills?
  10. Remember black and white Astro Boy? No, no... I am not born in the 60s. But that was the first thing I watched. It only escalated from there, in variety and quantity =D
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