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  1. lat

    happy birthday sarah!

  2. lat

    That's what I do too :D I always find so many cute pictures though that I like and can't decide which one to have! :) So I guess I could keep swapping them around a lot :D

  3. Sarah

    Thanks, Well i don't really know, a few months ago i looked up cute anime pics and it came up and i never really where it came from, but i liked it. :)

  4. lat

    I actually can't remember where I found it ^^; hehe I'm so terrible with remembering these things! I think it's from a manga though- I will try and find out :D Your avi is very cute too! Is that from a manga or anime?

  5. Sarah

    your avi is cute, is it from a manga or something :)

  6. Sarah

    thought so :), when did you do it. It looks nice.

  7. lat

    I did! :D thank you for noticing! ^^ I changed everything- the avi, background and profile pick xD

  8. Sarah

    Did you redo you profile view.

  9. Hi everyone, I have been busy with life and havent been on much and i am happy to finally get on. Everything major in life has now ended. I have more freetime. yay! :) so how is everyone doing.

    1. lat


      Hey ! :) welcome back! :)

    2. Sarah


      well its glad to be back, :)

  10. New Years Resolution: To get into a college and succeed.

    1. AyukawaAine


      Have faith! :DD You can do it ^^

    2. lat


      good luck! sorry I'm so late ^^; heh i was travelling abroad xD

  11. Sooo happy, got all passing grades and only one b on the semester test. I love latin. Happy Holidays everyone. I will b able to get on more.:0

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lat


      yay! congratulations!!!!!! :D *throws confetti* whoooop!! and happy new year! :D

    3. Sarah


      Thank you lat and same to you :)

    4. Ani


      Late, but congrats~ :D

  12. so close to vacation, just three more days and i will be free for a week and 2 days. my brain is hurting from craming everything back into my head.

    1. Cellas002


      *pats sarah* hang in there !! >___<"

    2. Sarah
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