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  1. I've graduated!!! Think I'm ready to go back to translating

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    2. Tessa


      YEYYY!!! Congratz and welcome back! *hughs tight*

    3. ayne


      Wohooo, cogratulations and welcome back!! :) We're so short on translators ;___;

    4. lechat23


      Thanks Tessa and Ayne. I'm glad to be back here. ^^

  2. Hmm... let's see. I speak several languages. 1. English : work professional level, then academic level especially now where the classes are all in English. 2. Mandarin Chinese : my first language so I'm very good at it! Okay, since I'm not native Chinese I can't say I'm a native speaker. Too bad. 3. Teochew (Chinese dialect) : pretty good, well, it's also my first language. 4. Hokkian (Chinese dialect) : I'm not good in speaking with this dialect but understand it pretty fine. 5. Hakka (Chinese dialect) : I understand when people talk but I can't talk Hakka 6. Cantonese (Chinese dialect) : I understand a little especially the curse words. 7. Japanese : Fluent. Been learning it half of my entire life by myself. 8. Indonesia : 2nd language so I'm good at it. Native speaker you might say. 9. Javanese (Indonesian dialect) : I understand the language but can't talk or read. 10. Melayu (Indonesian Melayu dialect) : very very good. 11. French : know a lot of it. 12. Italian : Musical terms only. LOL. 13. Osakaben (Japanese dialect) : not so good as the standard Japanese but I understand nevertheless. Maybe that's all? AH and good luck with your Japanese lesson.
  3. R.I.P Richard Griffiths. GBU

  4. I can't help translate but I can help with missing translations. Just watch cause this cat might drop by from time to time after getting her brain overheated with school's assignment. Like now. LOL

  5. I learned Japanese by myself since in middle school. Other than that, I read a lot of manga (original), watched a lot of drama, and conversed with Japanese online. :D

  6. Japanese language. Yup, retired. I might come back to being EF's translator again after my school's finished since I had planned to change my job.

  7. That's why when I should have more time for EF till before my Master's degree's starting, I suddenly had no more time left, having had to take over all of the new person's projects and now training another one. :( Yeah, it seemed depressing to me. What with so many pending projects, of course can't release it faster, right? :D

  8. Ah I see. We're on the same page then though I take Master's degree so then I can become a lecturer after graduating. Office work exhausts me since the projects are non stop and keeps pouring in. Worse, I have to train another person after the last one quit. Oh, yeah, I read your *depressing* release. *grins*. Any new staffs?

  9. No problem. Saw that there's new assignment system. :D

  10. Eh my birthday? @[email protected] My birthday is still months later. Hehe. Hmm still busy with my work projects + training another new girl. I'll get busier by next Sat. The master degree starts on next Sat. Eh? I thought you've graduated from college? Not yet? How's work treating you?

  11. Hi Tessa. Yeah, it's been long since last time. I'm doing fine. How're you? ^ ^

  12. Yeap, that's me. From Jakarta. LOL. I'm retired though I might come back. Hope you like it in EF. Welcome to EF! *kinda late, am I?*

  13. Hello fellow Indonesian. ;)

  14. I have just finished the last chapter of Crimson Hero, means the last chapter I work on. I hereby announce that I'm retiring. :) It's great to work with you guys. No worries! I'll drop by the forum once in a while. Will even probably come back after my school is finished. Haha.. Though it's still long time till I can do it again. ^ ^

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    2. Joey


      awwww! we'll miss you!!

    3. lat


      awwwww bye lechat!!! <3 will miss you definitely!! Hope you come back soooooon <3

    4. lechat23


      Hi all... thanks. ^ ^

  15. I'm in no good condition. My brain is about to explode

  16. Ah, right. Arya is also there. :D Have fun there!!!! :D

  17. Wow, it's going to be fun then since Tessa, Deus and Cat Boss live there. I'd take that you're going to visit them. Have fun, you two! :)

  18. Hey Lat-san. My work is overload now *cries*. Don't mind me! What about you? Are you doing fine? :)

  19. Yeah, I think people are getting busier. Hope you're doing fine as well and please take care. :)

  20. Hey... Hehe thanks for the info. Glad to know someone pick up the manga. Um, I'm getting busier and I do hope I can get a bit loose on October. *hopefully* :D How do you do?

  21. Hello Anne, thanks for the greeting :)

  22. Hey, thanks for the greeting, Melita :)

  23. Ah, my bad. I've been in hell these times and still need to stay in hell for several months. I'd come around when the hell 'freeze' over. *not literally* ^ ^ Miss the crazy chat in chatango as well. Too bad I can't come over there for now.

  24. Hey cat boss, thanks for the greetings. :)

  25. Hello :), Okay that's fine by me... Hehe ^ ^ Thanks for telling me.

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