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  1. I've graduated!!! Think I'm ready to go back to translating

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tessa


      YEYYY!!! Congratz and welcome back! *hughs tight*

    3. ayne


      Wohooo, cogratulations and welcome back!! :) We're so short on translators ;___;

    4. lechat23


      Thanks Tessa and Ayne. I'm glad to be back here. ^^

  2. Hmm... let's see. I speak several languages. 1. English : work professional level, then academic level especially now where the classes are all in English. 2. Mandarin Chinese : my first language so I'm very good at it! Okay, since I'm not native Chinese I can't say I'm a native speaker. Too bad. 3. Teochew (Chinese dialect) : pretty good, well, it's also my first language. 4. Hokkian (Chinese dialect) : I'm not good in speaking with this dialect but understand it pretty fine. 5. Hakka (Chinese dialect) : I understand when people talk but I can't talk Hakka 6. Cantonese (Chinese dialect) : I understand a little especially the curse words. 7. Japanese : Fluent. Been learning it half of my entire life by myself. 8. Indonesia : 2nd language so I'm good at it. Native speaker you might say. 9. Javanese (Indonesian dialect) : I understand the language but can't talk or read. 10. Melayu (Indonesian Melayu dialect) : very very good. 11. French : know a lot of it. 12. Italian : Musical terms only. LOL. 13. Osakaben (Japanese dialect) : not so good as the standard Japanese but I understand nevertheless. Maybe that's all? AH and good luck with your Japanese lesson.
  3. R.I.P Richard Griffiths. GBU

  4. I can't help translate but I can help with missing translations. Just watch cause this cat might drop by from time to time after getting her brain overheated with school's assignment. Like now. LOL

  5. I learned Japanese by myself since in middle school. Other than that, I read a lot of manga (original), watched a lot of drama, and conversed with Japanese online. :D

  6. Well, releases will come, but not as fast as before. We're very understaffed right now. And we'll be dropping some projects in order to start concentrating on others. Well, all in all, no one is paying us for this so we'll do it at our own pace. XD

  7. Oh sorry, just read ur profile that u'r a japanese translator. haha… that's cool. how did u learn Japanese?

  8. Japanese language. Yup, retired. I might come back to being EF's translator again after my school's finished since I had planned to change my job.

  9. That's why when I should have more time for EF till before my Master's degree's starting, I suddenly had no more time left, having had to take over all of the new person's projects and now training another one. :( Yeah, it seemed depressing to me. What with so many pending projects, of course can't release it faster, right? :D

  10. Haha. Tq! A pity u retired already. But I like it so far here. a nice community is not easy to find. U are a translator? from which language?

  11. Haha, depressing release? What did you think? was it that depressing? xD Donno about new staff just yet. I returned only last week. I heard we don't have enough translators *wink wink*. Ah, it sucks to train someone and then have him/her leave short time after. i had that experience with editors and I was teaching them for free >.<.

  12. Ah I see. We're on the same page then though I take Master's degree so then I can become a lecturer after graduating. Office work exhausts me since the projects are non stop and keeps pouring in. Worse, I have to train another person after the last one quit. Oh, yeah, I read your *depressing* release. *grins*. Any new staffs?

  13. I've graduated, trying to get my Master Degree right now. Not sure if it will help me in any way xD. Yes, most of the admins are busy and away so the late system was not working anymore since only Lat was active so only her team was releasing ^^.

  14. No problem. Saw that there's new assignment system. :D

  15. Eh my birthday? @[email protected] My birthday is still months later. Hehe. Hmm still busy with my work projects + training another new girl. I'll get busier by next Sat. The master degree starts on next Sat. Eh? I thought you've graduated from college? Not yet? How's work treating you?

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