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    Preferably romance manga with strong lead heroines :)
    Some books I read are the Deadly series by Cynthia Eden, the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward :)

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  1. Are you coming back :3?

    1. AyukawaAine


      Almost there!! Left 2 more months and I'll be back permanently :) Now I check the site whenever I receive an email or when I'm free <3

    2. Cheesecake


      Ohhhh. Can't wait! You should stop by the chat once in a while so we know that you're still alive and stuff. Missed you >.<

    3. AyukawaAine


      IKRRRR I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH. :( I get kinda lonely and jealous actually cos when I pop by I dont know what you guys are talking about and I feel pretty extra xD When I'm truly free you'll see me around kind of everywhere! xD <3 Right now I can only help out with admin stuff when instructed and some MTLs I see :) <3

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