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    Preferably romance manga with strong lead heroines :)
    Some books I read are the Deadly series by Cynthia Eden, the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward :)

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  5. 88 Glad to be part of the A-team ;D
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  7. Welcome to our humble abode ! <3 ~ Hope you enjoy yourself here with awesome hot goodies :3
  8. HELLO Those are beauuuuuutiful. Can't stop ogling at them *_*
  9. Ooh I like your layout lat
  10. I see you, I no see Stapler D:
  11. Wheee cookies! Here's my gift for the cookies! Have a taste of my pinch-able cheeks! :X
  12. My seductiveness is tempting you to give me cookies ~
  13. Awww >< You're making me blush Thanks Onee-chan! :3
  14. Hello Elle~ I heard from Papa Kitty that you're my new sister 8D I don't know whether you're the imouto or I'm the imouto, but well, glad to see that you've join the EF family! (As well as the Kitty family :3 )
  15. Lol! We missed you! D: Where've you been?