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  1. crazy manga :| Everyone fights each other like World War III just because of books :|
  2. I love this manga. It is so sweet. Hopefully it will have a happy ending. Oh Okita, Sei ><
  3. I have finished Hanasaku iroha. Now, I am watching Mirai Nikki
  4. Code Geass, Macross Frontier, Pandora Hearts are the best animes that I have seen xx
  5. i had cried in angel beats, but after that i thought i was silly lol
  6. Well, I read its manga and see its anime. It's good, but not really. I can't find its chapter 2,3. Anyone tell me, please?
  7. this manga is really really good. I prefer it to DN But its status is on hiatus now >< I am curious what its ending is. Also, I hope there is some romance between Nao and ----- lol
  8. I use facebook, not myspace or twitter, but I don't like fb very much LOL, just use it because everyone in my town uses it lol
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