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  1. x5ga

    Furei~! `ello~

  2. I would love to translate, but I'm only in my first semester of japanese...and my vocabulary is...lacking And we've only learned like, 20-25 kanji, so I'd die with trying to figure those out (unless the mangaka was kind enough to put hiragana next to the kanji). Maybe in a year or so I'd be able to translate though! I'm hoping at least... Thanks everyone for the great, warm welcome~!
  3. Ah! Hello everyone~ I just joined, so please take care of me~ ã©ã†ãžã‚ˆã‚ã—ã〜ï¼(pronounced like this: do(like in dough)-zo(like in zone)-yo-ro-shi-ku; it means, "Nice to meet you") By the way, I'm in a Japanese course at my current college; so as to explain the characters in my topic.
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